Borregaard: Mandatory notification of trade – stock options, primary insider, repurchase of own shares – GlobeNewswire (press release)

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16.05.2018: Borregaard ASA (“Borregaard”, OSE ticker: BRG)On 16 May 2018 primary insider Tom Erik Foss-Jacobsen, Executive Vice President, Speciality Cellulose, exercised 30,000 stock options at a strike price of NOK 41.00 per share.In a related transaction, Borregaard repurchased 30,000 own shares from Tom Erik Foss-Jacobsen at an average price of NOK 86.9678 per share. The repurchase is conducted in accordance with a proxy given at the Ordinary General Meeting held on 12 April 2018.After the transaction, Tom Erik Foss-Jacobsen owns 37,064 shares and 67,000 stock options in Borregaard.The total number of outstanding Borregaard stock options following today’s transactions is 1,714,000. Borregaard owns 474,764 treasury shares, representing 0.47% of the total number of shares outstanding.Borregaard ASA
Sarpsborg, 16 May 2018
Lotte Kvinlaug, Investor Relations Officer, + 47 922 86 909