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Macrosynergy Trading Fund Form D

The Cayman Islands-based Macrosynergy Trading Fund L.P. had published form D for $129.12 million offering. The date of first sale was 2010-01-01. The raised $129.12 million. The offering is still open. The total private offering amount amount was $129.12 million. This form was filed on 2019-03-15. Macrosynergy Trading Fund L.P.’s clarification was: The Issuer’s confidential offering materials more fully discuss the annual fees and/or performance allocations to which the Investment Manager and General Partner may be entitled..

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Macrosynergy Trading Fund is based in Cayman Islands. The company’s business is Pooled Investment Fund. The D form was submitted by Sean Flynn Director of General Partner. The company was incorporated more than five years ago. The filler’s address is: Ugland House, Po Box 309, Grand Cayman, E9, Cayman Islands, Ky1-1104. Robert Enserro is the related person in the form and it has address: C/O Maples And Calder, Ugland House South Church, Box 309, Grand Cayman, E9, Cayman Islands, Ky1-1104. Link to Macrosynergy Trading Fund Filing: 000131586319000267.

Analysis of Macrosynergy Trading Fund Offering

On average, firms in the Pooled Investment Fund sector, sell 37.80 % investment fund interests. Macrosynergy Trading Fund sold 100.00 % of the offering. The average investment floor size is $24.76 million for companies in the Pooled Investment Fund industry sector. The minimum investment for Macrosynergy Trading Fund ‘s offering was $100000.