Next-gen stock alert: your best chance to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X will be on these dates

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Retailers on both sides of the Atlantic have started to break cover on their PS5 stock and the dates on which you can buy a PS5 this month.

© Provided by GamesRadar Next-gen Stock alert: your best chance to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X will be on these dates

And it’s happening very soon! Retailer Gamebyte is likely to have a bit of PS5 stock today at 3pm GMT. We are unsure as to whether this is for both versions of the PS5 or just the Digital Edition, but, hey, some stock is better than no stock, right? Particularly before launch day!

Beyond this UK snippet, in the US, Walmart published an ad-scan declaring its next batch of PS5 stock into their Black Friday gaming deals and stated that some of Sony’s new machines will be available for sale from Wednesday 25 November at 7pm ET. The same ad also mentioned you’ll be able to buy an Xbox Series X there too.  

Amazon UK has also broken cover this week by sending out emails to customers declaring that a limited amount of PS5 stock will be available on the UK’s launch day of this Thursday, 19 November at 12 noon GMT. Supporting this, retailer Game did send out emails last week to folks saying the same thing but without a time of day. So it looks like those in the UK who didn’t get a PS5 pre-order are going to be in for a bumrush on Thursday, fighting the internet and loading webpages to get their machine. No word on Xbox Series X availability from Amazon UK yet though.

We should also point out that specific times of the day have been stated before for pre-orders and launches and it doesn’t always work out ‘when’ it should. And also, don’t panic and just make sure you’re across the retailer’s websites at key points during the day – before work at 8am, afterwards at 6pm, etc – and you may well get lucky. And just because a site might not have stock at any one time, doesn’t mean it’s done for the day. In fact some retailers sites have had stock come and go before the stated day – so we’d recommend semi-camping on webpages right now.

Below, you’ll find our blocks of links to the go-to retailers you’ll need now and in the foreseeable future, both for US and UK readers. Remember, it’s going to pay to persevere so be actively refreshing them, make sure you’re signed into accounts and keep persisting; you might get lucky and find yourself a lesser-spotted PS5 deal! And don’t forget that there’s always good stuff to browse among the best PS5 accessories, the best PS5 headsets, and the latest PlayStation Plus deals.

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While the news we’ve had so far mainly revolves around the PS5 price and stock coming back, it’s still apparent that plenty of folks are after an Xbox Series X or S. Here are your best bets now:

If you’re not quite ready to drop the cash tomorrow take a look at Sam’s PS5 review for the full work down of the machine. Complement this by bookmarking our for PS5 prices and Xbox Series X deals pages as these will give you the best options going when stock appears. Check out our full rundown of the top early contenders for best PS5 headset too!

Holding out a little longer? Well keep your fingers crossed for more stock, and maybe even a discount or two in our roundups of the PS5 Black Friday deals and Xbox Series X Black Friday deals.