Antony Waste Handling listing: Anil Singhvi recommendation is spot-on! Market Guru reveals trading strategy on this stock too

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Antony Waste Handling listing: Antony Waste stock got listed on Friday. The stock was listed at Rs 436 and was trading at Rs 460.10 at 11:13 am. Antony Waste Handling listing price was in line with the analysis given by Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi. This is what he had to say on the listing price and the strategy for trading in this stock. 

The Market Guru had recommended for subscription in the shares at the time of the Antony Waste Handling Initial Public Offering (IPO). He said that all those who went by the advice will not see their money getting wasted. Singhvi said that there are very IPOs in which the subscription by retail investors exceeds the subscription by institutional investors. 

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In the morning, before Antony Waste Handling listing, he had opined that the debut would be positive. He said that the listing will be bumper and in the range between Rs 425 and Rs 450. He said that Antony Waste Handling offers a unique business model and should therefore, be of interest to investors. He said that the valuations are reasonable and not expensive at all.  

Anil Singhvi Stock Strategy on Antony Waste Handling 

Singhvi said that Antony Waste Handling public issue was tailor-made for investments from the standpoint of listing gains and for long term investments. Investors who want to protect their profits should put a stop loss at Rs 400. The issue price was Rs 315.

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The Managing Editor said that it will be interesting to see if big investors are interested in Antony Waste Handling stock after the listing and would track the movement not only today, but also on Monday. He said that it is quite likely that many domestic and international funds are on a holiday today. Any follow-up buying could come from Monday, he said.