ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund unveils its latest investor education initiative campaign

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When it comes to investing, history has shown that the secret to wealth creation lies in asset allocation. While asset allocation as a concept may sound simple, it is extremely difficult for an investor to achieve it in a portfolio on a constant basis. This is because human emotions (greed and fear) come in the way and prevent from benefiting from the right asset allocation. 

By investing in a Balanced Advantage Fund or Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund, an investor can overcome these challenges. Such funds invests in both equity and debt and their allocation is  managed dynamically as per the market conditions, with the aim that over a complete market  cycle, the investment experience rendered is encouraging. The key objective of this category of fund is to help investors make the most out of market volatility. When an investor invests in this category, they can benefit out of both the asset classes and also the inbuilt mechanism helps the investor to participate in the market upside while the presence of debt aids in limiting downside during times of market correction. As a result, this category can be considered by investors for making lumpsum investments as well.

In a volatile equity market such as today, when market is near its all-time high, backed by liquidity, it is difficult for investors to take a decision about their investments. Through our latest investor education initiative campaign, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has been trying to communicate with the masses on the salient features of investing in a category such as the Balanced Advantage Fund / Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund category.

Abhijit Shah, Head- Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience, ICICI Prudential AMC says “Our endeavor with this campaign is to create awareness about Balanced Advantage Funds category. We believe this type of fund is suitable for every investor type and should be a part of every investor’s portfolio – be it a first time investor or existing. This category with its feature of  dynamically managing the equity and debt allocation not only helps manage market volatility but  also aims to limit the downside risks in a volatile market along with providing diversification.” 

The campaign is reaching the masses via a TVC broadcasted mainly on News and Sports genres channels and through multiple digital and new age platforms like OTT along with Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with an aim to reach a wider set of audience. 

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