Stock Options Trading Community Makes $5 Million in Profits During COVID-19 Pandemic

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In less than nine months, Los Angeles based startup Options Trade King has steadily grown to show a profit of over $5 million with a trading community of nearly 500 members and growing. The company was founded following lockdown restrictions in April, and despite the overall downturn of the economy since then, it has managed to grow by 50% Month over Month momentum in a short time.

They call him the “KING” and he started Options Trade King after learning a bit about trading “rooms” from various colleagues. Prior to starting the company, he had little experience trading options, which allows traders to buy options contracts on stocks. This allows them to buy or sell at a determined price, and since options have an expiration date, the sale must be executed in a limited amount of time.

Said KING, “The reason I started this company was after my friends told me about these trading ‘rooms.’ I’ve been a trader for many years, but I had no options trading experience before starting the company.” Regardless, he decided to jump into options trading, and has been successful in building a community full of traders with varying levels of experience.

Part of the way in which the community has grown so quickly is through the use of social media. Options Trade King is very active on Instagram, which is used to communicate daily trends in options trading and to celebrate the successes of members in the community.

The company offers different levels of membership, including a $25 trial subscription for newbies to learn their hand at options trading for seven days with no pressure. Members also have access to past plays to see how other members have historically fared in the market. They have access to live tech support as well as daily and weekly stock alerts that they can use to make decisions about their calls.

A successful business story in a year full of cutbacks and economic woes for many, Options Trade King is objectively successful in a volatile field. By sharing and working as a trading collective to make smart, targeted trades, the company has managed to net large profits for many of its members. As the community continues to grow, the future looks bright for this startup.

Said KING, “I’m very happy about this trader community we’ve created and we’re already up $537,442 the first week of 2021. Everyone signs up under a 7-day trial first to see if this place is worth it to them and every single person that joins is able to see all past trades we’ve done since starting last April. We also just started Crypto this year and we have many things in the works to keep this community thriving and excelling with all the tools any trader would need to be successful”.

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Options Trade King is an online options trading community. Founded in April 2020, in the heart of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the company experienced unprecedented growth, earning millions of dollars in profits in their first year. The platform provides a live stock options trading community with a very high success rate.

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