Stock Market Tips by Anil Singhvi: Market Guru suggests money-making strategy for Bharat Rasayan buyback

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Stock Market Tips by Anil Singhvi: Few days ago, Zee Business research team had said that Bharat Rasayan buyback will happen around Rs 11,500 and the company has announced it exactly at the same price. The company has announced buy back of 93,472 Bharat Rasayan shares at the price of Rs 11,500 and Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi has said that those who have Bharat Rasayan shares in Demat Account should hold the shares instead of tendering it to the company management.

On what should be the strategy of those stock market investors who hold Bharat Rasayan shares, Anil Singhvi said, “Those who have Bharat Rasayan shares in Demat Account should continue to remain invested in the shares as it will give better upside movement in future.”

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On what helped Zee Business research team to give exact figure on Bharat Rasayan share buyback, Singhvi said, “We stick with the data as Bharat Rasayan has no history of giving dividends and this was the first time when they had decided to go for their shares buyback.”

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The Market Guru further added, “When a company, which has no history of giving high dividend yield and is going for the shares buyback on first time, it’s better to stick with data than to look at the market sentiments. Zee Business research team did the same and it helped us give exact Rs 11,500 per share buyback figure to our viewers.”