How to tell that Trump is telling the truth

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Donald Trump won the 2020 election. He said so himself, and presented documents to courts. They agreed, but the media lied. He had to encourage people to take to the streets and insist that he had won.

I know he’s telling the truth because when he became president he had a brand-new, better, cheaper health care plan all ready. He put it into practice and now we all have cheaper, better health care. He had a plan for the opioid crisis that would humanely take care of addicts. He got that running right away and now the addicts are OK. He put millions to work by implementing his great infrastructure plans, and Mexico paid for that massive, beautiful wall that runs the length of our border, solving our immigration problems. He solved trade issues with tariffs, wiped out the national debt in only four years, just as promised. He restored America’s standing in the world; now our allies look to us for leadership. Then he provided the media with notarized copies of his tax returns.

He made Iran quit enriching uranium so it can’t make a nuclear weapon. Kim Jong-Un has decided to cooperate with us and quit building intercontinental ballistic missiles. Russia has quit trying to annex Ukraine and is allowing Crimea to return to self-government.

Trump has overseen the most tranquil domestic conditions ever, bringing peace in the cities through consistency and strength. He set an example of civility by showing respect for all colors, sexes, religions, capabilities. He has taken a broken-down economy (led by a Kenyan Muslim who wasn’t really an American) and restored it by massively cutting taxes permanently for the wealthy and temporarily giving the middle class a modest break. In doing so, he restored the treasury by cutting waste and fraud so that there was borrowing room left for any unforeseen crises.

That was a good thing, because when COVID-19 hit he was prepared. He had seen that the pandemic playbook that had been provided by earlier administrations was updated and ready. He aggressively encouraged every step to control the virus, rushing aid to affected areas and enabling the Centers for Disease Control to inform the public so as to prepare them to take important steps. He urged people to wear masks and social distance, setting the example from the top. He asked for patience, and leveled with us, telling us that this was a very serious disease that had the potential to kill hundreds of thousands if left unchecked, and then called governors, leading senators and congresspeople to the White House to put together a coherent plan to enable states and individuals to manage it locally.

Fortunately, he had ample talent on hand, having attracted the best people, and he gave them free rein and all the resources they needed. He wisely guaranteed that the federal government would backstop the states in providing medical care; he made sure that governors would be able to provide ample unemployment benefits to keep families afloat and stem evictions. He made clear to governors that they needed to take the crisis seriously right away or they would be dealing with it for months or longer. He called on Congress to provide support to small businesses, and fortunately his experienced cadre of advisers and his members of the Cabinet were able to quickly put together a pipeline to deliver care as needed. That’s why we able to keep the number of ill and dying so low.

So when he said he had won the election I knew he had to be telling the truth.

Hasn’t he always?

Mark and Dorothy Hull,

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