SNL Begs Trump to Testify in Impeachment Trial

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Saturday Night Live took some heat for giving Joe Biden a pass in its first new episode of 2021, and cast member Alex Moffat was once again missing in action as the 46th president on this week’s show. And by the time “Weekend Update” rolled around, it became clear just how much the show was missing Donald Trump.

“Former social media influencer Donald Trump,” Colin Jost began, getting an applause break for his set up, “will not testify at his impeachment trial next week and I think I speak for all of us when I say, come on, please?”

“Give us one last show, man,” he continued. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself, put in your extensions and burst into that trial like it’s Maury Povich and you are not the father. Come on, think about it, you can yell out all the tweets you haven’t been allowed to post the last month.”

For example, Jost speculated that Trump wanted to post “Worst inauguration ever #PoemBarelyRhymed” or “No noms for Tim Allen? #GlobesTooBlack.”

“Sadly, Trump is not doing that,” he added, “but he will be defended at the trail by the lawyers who refused to prosecute Bill Cosby and who agreed to represent Jeffrey Epstein before this death, which raises the question, what does Trump think he’s being impeached for?”

In fairness, “Weekend Update” did kick off with a relatively pointed Biden joke. “President Biden said Friday that he would move ahead with his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan with or without Republican support,” Jost began. “Because this economy needs a massage and Joe Biden isn’t waiting for permission.”

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