5 Of The Best Stock Pick And Market Education Newsletters

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© Provided by BenzingaBenzinga, a leading financial news and data platform, is highlighting newsletters that provide investors with actionable insights at a time when the financial markets are seeing a commission-free trading revolution and record engagement. 

Peter’s Premarket Perspective is a newsletter published by Peter Reznicek, the chief equity strategist at ShadowTrader. It’s known as one of the most widely read market profile morning reports. Every morning, Reznicek unpacks the dynamics behind moves in the broad market, providing readers with scenarios and levels to trade. For $20 per month, investors can get a three-dimensional glimpse into the stock market.

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Finny is a fintech platform dedicated to financial literacy and wellness initiatives. The company shares best practices for budgeting, spending and investing through a gamified, quiz-based web app and online investor community. Additionally, the company offers Finnyvest, an online market analysis tool, as well as The Gist, a free 60,000-subscriber newsletter that unlocks access to actionable personal finance insights.

Lund Loop is a newsletter published by Brian Lund. The content consists primarily of market commentary and technical overviews, trade deconstruction, a curated list of market-related developments and more. The newsletter costs $10 per month, or 1/20th the cost of traditional stock market newsletters.

Kobeissi Letter is a weekly analysis of equities, commodities, treasuries, and currencies. Kobeissi also provides trade ideas, as well as updates and alerts. For $90, investors get access to a detailed newsletter, private Twitter feed and actionable charting insights.

Breakout is a Benzinga newsletter that offers investors actionable charting insights. Authored by Gianni Di Poce, a financial analyst, subscribers don’t have any deep digging to do. Instead, Benzinga provides investors context surrounding a stock pick, as well as dynamics governing entry and exit.

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