Anil Singhvi Stock Market Tips: Markets volatile, should you buy, sell or hold? Market Guru reveals strategy

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Anil Singhvi Stock Market Tips: Stock markets in India have been extremely volatile recently. The trend is reflecting today too – Sensex was down by 274 points. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi said that earlier the Indian stock market was on a dream run, however, now it has reached more realistic grounds.

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Talking about what investors should do in current scenario, the Market Guru said that one has to understand that it will depend on what kind of investor and trader you are. “If you are a trader, it’s a clear-cut sell on rise market for you.  As a trader you need to identify certain crucial levels. This level is 14,700 to 14,750 for today. As long as market does not breach that level, you should continue with sell on rise approach.  Above this level, market will be neutral and again buy on dips market will be when market gives a closing of 14,925. Above this level, the trend will again go positive.  Traders need to keep an eye on two things – FIIs data and US bond yield. Unless these things change, it is sell on rise market for them.”

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For investors, he said that if you are ready to see Nifty shedding another 1,000 points from 14,500, you need not do anything. “You need not sell anything. Rather you need to invest further in this fall. We are in long-term bull market and you will often see 5 to 7 per cent correction in this market. This is normal. At this point of time, all you need to do is check whether you have invested money in quality stocks and funds or not. This is a no brainer, as an investor you need to stay put with your investment. Ultimately, market is still ready to show rally in long-term.”  

Currently, two things that have kept the market subdued are rising cases of Covid 19 and liquidity shortage in the month of March. “One should not worry at all if you have quality stocks. In fact, you should further increase investment when market slides. You should start a SIP at the lower level and slightly increase the amount. Long-term, medium term market trends are perfect, and you should remain with your investment without any concern.”