AXS Investments acquires COGIX market neutral fund

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Opalesque Industry Update – AXS Investments, a leading alternative investment manager, today announced the acquisition of the AXS Market Neutral Fund (COGIX) to its expanding suite of alternative investment funds designed to open access for all investors to proven strategies previously available to only institutional and ultra-high net worth investors.

Over its nine years in existence, the AXS Market Neutral Fund has received numerous industry awards and has been recognized as a top performer among its peers. COGIX was named the nation’s Best ’40 Act Equity Fund at the 2018 HFM U.S. Hedge Fund Performance Awards. Most recently the fund won a BarclayHedge Recognition Award for Excellence in 2020.

“Our acquisition of the AXS Market Neutral Fund (COGIX) is exceedingly exciting and timely, particularly today as we’re seeing investors and financial advisors looking to replace portions of their fixed income, and even cash, allocations with market neutral solutions to improve returns, while tempering equity market volatility,” said Greg Bassuk, Chairman and CEO of AXS Investments. “The fund is a great complement to our lineup of alternative investments to help investors diversify and enhance their portfolios.”

COGIX joins the AXS family of funds at a time when market neutral strategies continue to see strong demand from investors. Asset flows to the category have been positive not only over the longer 3-year period, but also year-to-date in 2021. Demand for strategies like COGIX has been driven by the nature of market neutral investing; namely, that it is a highly useful tool for reducing an investment portfolio’s overall risk while preserving return potential.

Market neutral is a form of hedging that aims to generate returns that are independent of market swings and uncorrelated to both stocks and bonds. The AXS Market Neutral Fund (COGIX) seeks positive returns in all environments by buying stocks expected to perform well and short selling stocks expected to underperform, by leveraging its proprietary ROTA/ROME® quantitative methodology used since the fund’s inception to successfully identify companies with high returns on invested capital and trading at attractive valuations.