The stock market has no fear of inflation

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We are going to state the obvious. The stock market arena is a very volatile place. From one day to the next, one never knows exactly what’s going to happen to the world at large, and what repercussions those events could have.

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Just think back to how the markets reacted to the pandemic when it first hit — a landslide in stock prices, only to have the economy bounce back to record highs, despite millions of people remaining unemployed. As a result, inflation is currently running above previous expectations. In the U.S., prices rose by 4.2 per cent — the most since Sept. 2008 — while in Canada the CPI rose by 3.4 per cent , its highest reading since Sept. 2011. Yet investors seem to have come to terms with this. The fear now appears to be how the US Federal Reserve will respond .

Perhaps it may be fair to say that the market itself is not as unpredictable as the world at large. Generally speaking, stock prices react to news . Depending on whether that news is good or bad, of course, could determine how the market will be affected.  Some events almost have a predetermined outcome. For instance, when inflation is on the upswing, income stock prices generally decline.

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