DAX Stock News Today – Stocks and commodities cling to gains

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European and Asian stocks continued to rise sharply on Tuesday, further cutting off some of the losses caused by the nerve explosion over the delta variant of the coronavirus last week.

Investors are betting that volatility will continue to subside. The CboeVix index, which measures the expected volatility of US equities last month, fell 0.2 points from last week’s high of 21.7 to 17.

In the middle of the morning in Europe, the Stoxx 600 across the region rose 0.1%, a modest positive. Germany’s Dax rose 0.3%. Some state stock exchanges have fallen very slightly. The FTSE 100 fell 0.1% and the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca showed one of the steepest drops of 1.1%.

Asian stocks continued to rise. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index closed by about 2.5%. Last week’s index was down 5.8%, and this month’s index is down only 0.9%. The region-wide MSCI International Asia-Pacific Index rose 1.6% on Tuesday. China’s technology share has skyrocketed Guided by E-commerce group JD.com up 13%.

In the United States, stock prices are expected to continue rising after hitting a record high on Monday. Futures tracking the S & P 500 Index rose 0.2%, similar to futures following the technology-focused Nasdaq 100.

World benchmark Brent crude oil prices surged more than 5% in daytime trading on Monday following news that Covid-19 infections appear to be declining in China, followed by 0.7% in morning trading It rose to $ 69.24 a barrel. The price at the end of July is still slightly below $ 76.33. At the same time, the dollar rose slightly against both the euro and the pound.

Nonetheless, analysts have called attention in the coming months. “September is defined by Brulan, but also by increased volatility,” said Nigel Green of financial services firm deVere Group.

He said he continued to worry about the emergence of more delta variants, feared further regulatory action by Beijing after the crackdown on the technology and education industries, and that central bankers were moving too fast to end monetary stimulus. Cited market instability if he believed.

Investors will closely watch the major monetary policymakers’ meeting at Jackson Hole on Thursday. The lack of clear agreement within the Federal Reserve Board on the speed with which the $ 120 billion monthly asset purchase program will be withdrawn will make the symposium even more important.

Yields on US 10-year government bonds were stable at 1.265 percent on Tuesday.

Stocks and commodities cling to gains Source link Stocks and commodities cling to gains