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‘Timing is very critical to earn extra returns in thematic funds’

30 Aug, 2021, 01.10 PM IST

Sectoral and thematic funds have seen an inflow of Rs 3,800 crore in CY20 and Rs 10,000 Crore in year to date in CY21. There has been increased interest from investors in Technology, Pharma, Commodities and ESG funds.

Tweet Buster: Radhika Gupta’s 3 best investments; biggest reason for trading loss

29 Aug, 2021, 01.17 PM IST

Radhika Gupta of Edelweiss Mutual Fund shared a thread of three best investments she has made in her lifetime. Smallcap hunter Soumya Malani said the single biggest reason for big losses in trading is unwillingness to cut positions when you know it has gone wrong to avoid a small loss. “Remember, every big loss was once a small loss that wasn’t cut. Pay market small fees, learn the lesson and move on.”

How to reduce volatility in your portfolio by investing ​across asset classes in India and abroad

26 Aug, 2021, 07.33 PM IST

Investors experience significant psychological trauma thinking of a loss compared to the pleasure of an equal gain. They, therefore, find value in asset class diversification, which has been shown to limit downside volatility.

Watch out for tech, capital goods and commercial vehicles sectors in 2022-2023: A Balasubramanian

25 Aug, 2021, 02.18 PM IST

“Next year, we will probably see a bigger opportunity coming in fixed income space. In our balanced advantage fund, only 40% is in equities now.”

Is it time to invest in greater China FoFs?

25 Aug, 2021, 01.01 PM IST

Mutual fund advisors and fund managers see a huge dip in Asia-pacific markets, including China, as a great opportunity to invest in funds focused on Chinese markets.

Looking to bet on gold? You can consider DSP World Gold Fund

25 Aug, 2021, 09.02 AM IST

Investors looking to bet on global gold miners in the wake of weaker prices of the yellow metal could consider putting money in DSP Mutual Fund’s World Gold Fund.

IMF’s $650 billion reserves distribution is ‘shot in arm’ for global economy: Georgieva

23 Aug, 2021, 07.10 PM IST

The International Monetary Fund’s largest-ever distribution of monetary reserves will provide additional liquidity for the global economy, supplementing member countries’ foreign exchange reserves and reducing their reliance on more expensive domestic or external debt, Georgieva said in a statement.

Will my mutual funds help me create Rs 10 crore in 25 years?

19 Aug, 2021, 03.28 PM IST

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Here’s how you can invest in global stocks

19 Aug, 2021, 09.49 AM IST

You will soon be able to: own global stocks directly. NSE International Exchange (NSE IFSC) and BSE International Exchange (INX) have announced that trading will commence soon on their IFSC platforms

Time to spread bets overseas

16 Aug, 2021, 10.23 AM IST

As equity valuations turn expensive amid the recordbreaking rally, financial planners are telling investors to diversify their stock portfolios globally and allocate 10- 15% of their holding overseas over the next two years.

How to make smart allocations to equity and debt through balanced funds

11 Aug, 2021, 08.36 PM IST

Coming to performance of funds in this category, over a period of 10 years till August 2, 2021, 11 funds in this category with a history of 10 years have delivered 13.22 per cent annualized on an average.

India, US seeing fund inflows after China crackdown: Mark Mobius

11 Aug, 2021, 10.58 AM IST

“I would say half the money has just left … But I think that is temporary, it will not last,” Mobius, emerging markets fund manager and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, told the Reuters Global Markets Forum (GMF) on Tuesday.

Kotak AMC’s global innovation fund of fund collects over Rs 1,650 crore

28 Jul, 2021, 09.01 PM IST

The mutual fund firm’s global innovation FoF scheme has tied up to invest in Wellington Global Innovation Fund units, which in turn invests in global innovators such as Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, Walt Disney, VISA, AstraZeneca, and Netflix.

Aggressive investors could follow 50:40:10 equity allocation: Bhavesh Sanghvi

26 Jul, 2021, 03.19 PM IST

For a full-blown equity portfolio, I would go with 50% large caps, 15% global funds, 25% mid-caps & 10% small caps. The risk versus return trade off over the last five years is clearly in favour of large caps.

Eight simple strategies to manage your money in stock market

21 Jul, 2021, 06.40 PM IST

There are times markets move in extremes. During such times, you can trim down your allocation. But then, markets can be irrational for a long time; so you should have the ability to bear some pain.

Is it a good time to allocate to US focused mutual funds?

04 Jun, 2021, 02.25 AM IST

Many international funds, especially those investing in US equities have fallen to the negative return space in the last one month.

Use weakness in metals to buy DSP NRNE Fund

25 May, 2021, 10.59 PM IST

The 8% decline metal stocks could be an entry point for investors to put money in DSP Natural Resources and New Energy Fund, said financial planners.

Have I created a proper mutual fund portfolio?

08 Apr, 2021, 10.47 AM IST

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