Aussie Digital Asset Fund DNA Tracker Fund Has Successful 2021

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Australian digital asset vehicle DNA Tracker Fund has recorded a 184.35 per cent net return on investment over the nine months since its inception Dec. 1, 2020, the company said this week. DNA Tracker provides Australian and New Zealand wholesale investors with access to a diversified portfolio of underlying digital assets.

The fund holds an underlying basket of the top seven digital assets with a qualitative overlay. They believe this provides investors with higher quality and lower volatility returns than direct investments, while also helping to ensure the safety and security of their digital assets by engaging market-leading service providers. Trading actively on a monthly basis, the fund also benefits from local and global administration and custody.

Sydney-based Digital Native Assets, the manager of the DNA Tracker Fund, is a team of experienced financial services industry experts led by global investment banker, Steve Bellotti. Having been active in the digital asset space for more than five years, Bellotti noted the success of this flagship fund comes down to a qualitative and quantitative investment strategy focused on digital assets as a store of value and a significant emerging asset class.

“The DNA team is very pleased with the fund’s performance this year, achieved through our systematic and diversified approach to digital assets with lower volatility, providing a safe, secure and trusted access point for investors looking to gain exposure to digital assets,” Bellotti said. “We’re extremely encouraged by the continued growth of investment into digital assets, and the institutionalization of the asset class. Our investment thesis revolves around long-only positions in cryptocurrencies and assets alone — no leverage, tech investments, venture capital, or derivatives.”

The DNA Tracker Fund has now been made available to Australian wholesale investors via the Australian Money Market online investment marketplace. It is a feeder fund to the institutional-grade TCM Digital Asset Fund. TCM is audited by KPMG, utilizes Mainstream Fund Services as its administrator, Coinbase and Kingdom Trust as its independent custodians and banks with FDIC-insured Signature Bank. DNA provides additional institutional service provision in Australia through Quay Wholesale Fund Services as trustee and custodian, and Mainstream Fund Services as administrator.