PS5 stock UK – live: Amazon restock sells out but Game could drop 38 bundles soon

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LIVE – Updated at 10:13

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Update: The PS5 is set to drop at Game in the next hour. It could drop at Argos this week. Read on for more information.

The PS5 launched in November 2020, but supply problems and a global semiconductor shortage have slowed the production of Sony’s next-generation console to a crawl. New stock is still difficult to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out almost instantly.

August was one of the best months ever for PS5 restocks, seeing multiple drops at VerySmyths ToysBT and EE, as well as availability at ArgosAmazon and Game. There were around 35 drops in total. September has also been impressive though, with drops at AO.comAce StudioShopToCurrys PC WorldBTSmyths ToysGameVery and Argos all taking place. We’ve had six drops so far this week, but could we recive more?

What to watch next

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

PS5 stock updates UK

  • Game PS5 bundles going live in the next hour
  • Game adds PS5 bundles with ‘Fifa 22′
  • Amazon PS5 disc edition sells out
  • Will the PS5 digital edition console drop at Amazon?

What time could the Game PS5 bundles drop?

10:11 , Alex Lee

The last time Game had a restock earlier this month, things were a little peculiar. While it usually drops stock between 9am and 11am in the morning, it made us all wait until 11:45am before its mountain of bundles were set live on the site. We don’t know if that will happen again today, but with the retailer’s restock confirmation this morning, we know that it should all kick off (at least) before midday.

Again, keep an eye on the blog and we will post the second consoles go live. You can view all the PS5 bundles here.

Game PS5 bundles going live in the next hour

09:46 , Alex Lee

Game hasn’t given us much notice this time round, but it’s official. Thirty-eight bundles are about to go live on the site, hopefully, within the next hour. The retailer usually drops stock between 9am and 11am, so keep an eye on the blog and we’ll let you know as soon as the consoles go live. Expect this restock to be nice and lengthy.

Will the PS5 digital edition console drop at Amazon?

09:38 , Alex Lee

The digital edition console hasn’t dropped at Amazon yet, and looking at the time, it’s unlikely to be restocked this time round at all. But we’re starting to notice a pattern. The retailer usually has two drops a month of the disc edition console, but only one digital edition drop per month, so a 2:1 ratio.

Like many other retailers, it seems to drop the digital console sporadically. We’ll explain why in a later post. For now, we’ll get back to scanning the stock horizon for new drops!

Game adds PS5 bundles with ‘Fifa 22′

09:03 , Alex Lee

Game has just updated its website with new PS5 bundles, and some of them include Fifa 22! There’s now a solid chance that we’re going to get a drop tomorrow morning, so expect to see a Twitter alert from the retailer tonight, with it providing advanced notice of a Thursday restock.

The cheapest disc edition bundle with Fifa 22 costs £626.96 ( and comes with an extra dualsense controller, as well as a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man” Miles Morales.

Check out Game’s PS5 bundles page here

Amazon PS5 disc edition sells out, digital might drop next

08:36 , Alex Lee

Well done to those of you who managed to secure the console at Amazon. The disc edition has now sold out, but the digital edition console could drop next. The retailer usually drops the digital console half an hour after dropping the disc, or when the disc sells out.

We’ll let you know if and when the digital edition drops. Same tips as below.

View the PS5 digital edition console

Let’s just hope no orders get lost in transit.

Amazon PS5 stock is now live

08:17 , Alex Lee

Good morning PS5 hunters, and what a glorious morning it is.

The disc edition of the PS5 is now in stock at Amazon! The console costs £449.99 ( If it hasn’t appeared for you yet, keep refreshing the page – it’s often set live in the background before going live on the front-end. The digital edition console should drop next.

This is a Prime-exclusive drop, so you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to buy the console. If you aren’t already signed up, you can get a 30-day free trial.

Weirdly, you need to click the “See All Buying Options” button to get it into your basket.

If you’re having issues checking out, try using Amazon Smile – a separate website that gives a portion of the cost of your purchase toward a chosen charity of your choice. Amazon Smile gets a lot less traffic than the regular Amazon website.

Buy now

Goodbye from your resident PS5 stock trackers

Tuesday 28 September 2021 17:00 , Alex Lee

This week has been filled with tiny, buggy console drops. From Hamleys and Currys PC World yesterday, which didn’t let people check out at all, to and John Lewis & Partners today, it seems like every retailer is just having a bit of a mare at the moment.

That said, we did get one successful drop today from EE. The mobile network’s exclusive “add to plan” model meant that the console stayed in stock for nearly four hours. We should, hopefully, be getting an Argos drop tomorrow. Come back then and we’ll take you through all the live restock updates. Chat then!

Best Black Friday tech deals

Tuesday 28 September 2021 15:20 , Alex Lee

Can you hear that? It’s only a distant rumble for now, but before you’ve had time to check the calendar and grab your wallet, Black Friday 2021 will be rolling into view. Your friendly PS5 stock trackers won’t just be hunting down PS5s. No, no, no.

We’ll be seeking out the best Black Friday tech deals to buy. Of course, we don’t expect the PS5 to go on sale during the event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal on other sought after products, like headphones, smartwatches, speakers and more. Bookmark the page below for all the latest.

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Black Friday tech deals: What offers to expect this year

When is the PS5 VR coming out?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 14:30 , Alex Lee

We sadly didn’t get a sneak peek at the PS5 VR during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase earlier this month, but that was to be expected. It did get shown off at a secret developers summit in August, however, so at least we know it’s definitely coming.

During the secret event, Sony revealed new controllers that will allegedly be able to tell where a user’s hands are, and how far away they are from the buttons, as well as the way it would release games for the sequel to its PSVR headset.

You can read more about it below:

© Provided by The Independent

PS5’s virtual reality headset has been secretly shown off, report claims

Need a PS5 headset?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 13:40 , Alex Lee

Sony is about to release a new colourway of its all-singing, all-dancing pulse 3D wireless headset on 29 October. It’s one of our favourite PS5 accessories, and the new colour just gives it a bit more glamour.

In our review of the best PS5 accessories, our writer said that “there’s no shortage of gaming headset options out there but the PlayStation 5 pulse 3D wireless headset is a little bit special”.

Made with certain PlayStation 5 games in mind, “its 3D audio means you can feel fully immersed in the experience, feeling like things are truly happening all around you,” they said. “It’s a distinctive way of doing things that stands out more so than conventional headsets.”

Pre-order now

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8 best PS5 accessories that will enhance your gaming experience

When was the last Smyths Toys PS5 console drop?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 12:50 , Alex Lee © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

Smyths Toys last had a restock on 20 September at 10am. It usually has around two drops per month, so we’re not expecting another one in September. There’s a chance that more consoles could drop at the start of October, though.

In-store drops usually happen at the same time as online drops, so if you see your region go live onlne, it’s always worth dashing in-store to try and pick one up right then and there because Smyths’s website isn’t the easiest retailer to secure online stock from.

EE PS5 consoles sell out

Tuesday 28 September 2021 12:04 , Alex Lee

After three and a half hours, EE has now sold out of the PS5 disc edition console and all of its bundles. Well done to those EE customers who successfully managed to bag a console.

If you weren’t able to secure one – most likely because you’re not an EE customer, fret not, we’re predicting some heftier drops to take place later this week. Keep your eyes on the blog for all the latest restock updates coming to you live and uncensored.

Will Tesco PS5 stock ever come back?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 12:00 , Alex Lee

Hey, Tesco, remember that one time you restocked consoles? When was that again? Oh yeah, SIX WHOLE MONTHS AGO on 18 March. It’s been so long since the retailer last had a restock that we’ve just stopped predicting drops at the supermarket chain altogether.

We’re ever the optimist though, and are hoping that the retailer has some PS5s stored in a warehouse somewhere, just waiting to drop them all a month before Christmas. Watch this space.

Upcoming PS5 games

Tuesday 28 September 2021 11:25 , Alex Lee

There are a whole bunch of games coming out on the PS5 in October, but there are three that we’re particularly looking forward to playing. Below, we’ve rounded up the best upcoming PS5 games, plus where you can pre-order them today.

If you want to read more about the gameplay features coming to Fifa 22, have a read of our guide below:

© Provided by The Independent

Fifa 22 has a release date: Find out when it’s all kicking off

Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 10:55 , Alex Lee © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

If you managed to get a PS5 at EE this morning and are wondering whether you can play your PS4 games on it, we’ve got some good news. You sure can! The PS5 is backwards compatible, so any PS4 games that you bought from the PlayStation Store will be playable on the PS5. If you bought the disc edition console, you’ll also be able to play your PS4 discs on it. Obviously, digital edition owners won’t be able to play any discs on the console, er, because there’s no disc drive on it at all, so don’t go trying to force discs into the motherboard.

PS5 HD camera review

Tuesday 28 September 2021 10:30 , Alex Lee © Provided by The Independent (Amazon)

Looking at that final EE PS5 HD camera bundle and wondering whether it’s worth the money? We’re actually big fans of the HD camera, and it appears in our round-up of the best PS5 accessories.

In our review, our writer said that it’s “remarkably easy to set up – simply plug it into a relevant port on your PlayStation 5 then take a moment to align it so it captures your face perfectly”. They added that its “stylings mean it ties into the PlayStation 5 aesthetic so it won’t steal focus next to your TV”.

© Provided by The Independent

8 best PS5 accessories that will enhance your gaming experience

AO PS5 consoles went live, then were swiftly taken offline

Tuesday 28 September 2021 10:02 , Alex Lee

In true AO form, the retailer listed PS5 consoles onto its website and then swiftly removed them. We would keep an eye on the retailer’s website as the stock may return. We’ll give you guys a heads up if the stock suddenly reappears. It usually sells disc edition bundles with Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut or disc edition consoles with Ratchet & Clank.

Visit AO’s PS5 search page

Only one EE PS5 console remains

Tuesday 28 September 2021 09:57 , Alex Lee

Stock has been selling unusually fast at EE. The two cheapest PS5 bundles on EE have now sold out. There’s still one left, though. It’s the PS5 disc edition console with an extra dualsense controller and an HD camera. It costs £50 a month over an 11-month period, and you need to pay £10 upfront.

Buy now

Game PS5 bundles set to drop on Thursday

Tuesday 28 September 2021 09:41 , Alex Lee

The restock dates are all over the place on this one. The Game PS5 bundles are now reportedly going to be dropping onto the retailer’s website on Thursday 30 September instead of Friday 1 October. Again, courtesy of @PS5StockALertUK’s little moles burrowing away in the back of a retail store somewhere.

The retailer usually tweets out a restock note the evening before the drop, so expect an alert on Wednesday. Again, you can view all of the retailer’s PS5 bundles here.

When will Argos PS5 consoles drop?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 09:15 , Alex Lee

Argos has been filling its hubs full with PlayStation 5 consoles all weekend, and now, according to @PS5StockAlertUK, who seemingly has moles planted in every UK retailer, it’s all ready for a drop. Sadly, only the disc edition console is reported to restock this week.

It could drop any time between now and 1 October. It usually drops stock at 8am on the dot, but there’s been some movement with this timescale in the past. We’ll let you know the second it restocks.

We’d also recommend popping into your local store when it does drop. Stock availability doesn’t always update properly on the retailer’s website.

What Game PS5 bundles are there?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 08:53 , Alex Lee

As the EE restock trundles on, it seems like the Game drop has been pushed back to October. Two weeks ago, the retailer updated its PS5 bundles page with new release dates of 30 September, but it has now adjusted this to 11 October. It usually drops stock a week and a half before the stated release date, with one stock tracker suggesting that new consoles could drop this Friday 1 October.

As usual, we’ll let you know if we get any firmer confirmation. The retailer has the largest number of PS5 bundles out of all the retailers, but only 17 are showing on the live site at the moment. You can view all the Game PS5 bundles here.

EE PS5 stock is now live

Tuesday 28 September 2021 08:32 , Alex Lee

The PS5 is now in stock at EE! To get the console, you need to be an EE pay monthly customer and it’s only available via EE’s Add to Plan service, which you will pay over 11 months interest-free. You also have to pay £10 upfront.

You can either get a standalone PS5 disc edition console for £40 a month (; a PS5 with an additional dualsense controller for £45 a month (, or a PS5 disc edition console with an additional dualsense controller and a 12-month PS Plus subscription for £50 a month ( – all spread out across 11 months.

In previous EE drops, the website has been a bit glitchy and hasn’t shown the console as being in stock. If that happens, we’d recommend trying to buy the console through the My EE app instead.

  • In the EE app, open the hamburger menu and hit ‘plans & add -ons’
  •  Toggle add-ons and hit ‘Get more add-ons’
  •  Scroll down to ‘Accessories’
  • Tap on ’Shop’

What PS5 stock drops could we see today?

Tuesday 28 September 2021 08:20 , Alex Lee

Gooooood morning PS5 hunters and welcome to another day of PS5 stock tracking action. Mondays are usually extremely quiet for restocks, but yesterday, four retailers decided to buck the trend. Asda, Currys PC World, BT and, weirdly, Hamleys all had drops – although the Currys and Hamleys drops seemed to be super broken.

This morning, we’ve already had one restock at John Lewis & Partners. In true JL fashion though, stock sold out within minutes. EE is set to drop at 8:30am this morning – we’ll walk you through how to get the console from the retailer in a mo.

PS5 live blog signing off

Monday 27 September 2021 17:01 , Alistair Charlton

Well, that was a busy day wasn’t it? And for once we’re not being sarcastic. Things slowed down somewhat in the afternoon, but the morning saw a quick restock from Asda, followed by a couple of chaotic drops from Currys PC World and, unusually, Hamleys, before BT sent out a bunch of PS5 voucher codes to its customers.

All in all, not a bad day. But don’t worry if you still haven’t managed to bag yourself a PS5. We’re expecting more drops of fresh stock later this week, so stay tuned to this live blog for the very latest news.

We hope you have a good evening!

How to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED

Monday 27 September 2021 16:02 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

If trying to buy a PS5 or Xbox series X somehow wasn’t enough to keep you busy, Nintendo is also about to release its latest gaming console, the Switch OLED. The big upgrade over the regular Switch is, you won’t be surprised to learn, the new OLED display.

Standing for organic light-emitting diodes, this technology doesn’t need an LED backlight to illuminate the pixels from behind, because each pixel itself emits its own light. This helps to improve the contrast ratio of the display, makes colours more vivid and also creates deeper blacks, as when a pixel is switched off it is truly black.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED also has a slightly larger screen than the regular model and increased internal storage too. The console is priced at £309.99 and is due to be released in the UK on 8 October.

How to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED in the UK

How to buy an Xbox series X

Monday 27 September 2021 15:03 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (iStock/The Independent)

Tired of hunting for a PS5? Or perhaps you want to pick up an Xbox series X too? Well IndyBest is here to help, as we also have a live blog dedicated to the new Xbox console. Just like here, the Xbox blog brings you the latest news on when UK retailers are expected to receive fresh Xbox series X stock.

As a reminder, the Xbox series X is the current flagship console from Microsoft and goes head-to-head with the PS5. It is equally tricky to buy at the moment, but occasional restocks do happen at retailers like Game, Very, Argos and Smyths.

Meanwhile, the cheaper and less powerful Xbox series S (£249, is available to buy right now from a range of UK retailers.

How to buy an Xbox series X

How to get a PS5 voucher code from BT

Monday 27 September 2021 14:30 , Alistair Charlton

BT is giving its customers a helping hand when it comes to securing a PS5. Instead of throwing open the virtual doors and dealing with a stampede like other retailers, BT sends out unique voucher codes to its customers.

If you are a BT TV customer, for example, or subscribe to BT Sport, you can apply to receive a PS5 voucher code. These are emailed out sporadically and can be used to access a PS5 next time the BT store has a restock. You still have to pay the regular price, of course, but this system is a neat way of rewarding BT customers and giving them a better chance of securing a console.

Sign up to the IndyBest email newsletter

Monday 27 September 2021 14:02 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

Have we helped you find a PS5? Are you now keep for more shopping insights? Then you should sign up to the free IndyBest newsletter, where you can find the best deals and round-ups of the week’s must-have products, as chosen by IndyBest experts.

Landing in your inbox every Friday morning, the email features items from our tried and tested reviews by pros in the field, helping you make the most informed choices with your hard-earned cash.

Get the IndyBest newsletter and access to all of The Independent’s other newsletters now. You won’t regret it.

Best PS5 games

Monday 27 September 2021 13:02 , Alistair Charlton

Congratulations to anyone who managed to buy the PS5 at Asda this morning. With the console now on its way, you’ll want to buy some games to go on your new console. The good news is, we’ve got a round-up of the best PS5 games for you.

In the bestselling Spider-Man: Miles Morales game (£44.99,, Peter Parker is replaced with his awkward teenage protégé, Miles Morales. A next-generation spin-off, Spider-Man: Miles Morales refines the original’s formula,” our reviewer said. “This is a streamlined adventure with a more focused story, far less busy work and an endearingly clumsy protagonist still getting to grips with his powers.”

Meanwhile, Demon’s Souls (£57.99, on PS5 is a showcase of what the new console is capable of. “The oppressive gothic architecture, yawning arches and festering dungeons of this cult classic look spectacular on the new hardware, while remaining faultlessly faithful to the aesthetic and vibe of the original game,” our tester said.

Can you get a VPN on the PS5?

Monday 27 September 2021 12:31 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (iStock)

While Sony doesn’t allow any VPN apps like NordVPN or ExpressVPN to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store (VPNs aren’t supported on the platform at all), there’s still a way to use a VPN on the PS5 if you want to stream geo-restricted content.

We’d recommend getting a VPN which has the Smart DNS feature. It’s a service provided by a number of VPN firms, including NordVPN, allowing you to spoof your location on devices that don’t have VPN support. You can read our round-up of the best VPNs for more information.

Use this BT code to buy yourself a PS5 right now

Monday 27 September 2021 12:10 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

BT is inviting customers to buy a PS5 right now, and we’ve got a code for one lucky reader to redeem their new console. Kindly donated by a member of the IndyBest team, the unique code can be used in the BT online store and lets you purchase a PS5 console, for BT’s regular retail price, while stocks last.

The all-important code is: 6XTFKFSGM – head to the BT store now to purchase your PS5!

Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

Monday 27 September 2021 12:00 , Alistair Charlton

Yes, you can! Almost all of the PS4 games you own are playable on the PS5 console. You’ll be able to download any games you bought through the PlayStation store on your old PS4 and play them on a new PS5.

If you’ve got the disc edition of the PS5, you’ll also be able to insert your PS4 games into it and play them that way, too. Obviously, because there’s no physical disc slot on the digital edition of the console, you won’t be able to play any PS4 discs you own. We’ve compiled together a list of our favourite PS4 games, and most of them have dropped in price since the PS5 came out.

BT sends out PS5 order codes

Monday 27 September 2021 11:42 , Alistair Charlton

It’s a busy day for PS5 orders! BT has just emailed out a bunch of codes to its customers. These codes are applied for in advance, and are then used to allow BT customers to buy a PS5 from the BT online store.

The codes sent out today can be used to purchase the PS5 disc edition, as well as bundles including the PS5 and an additional controller, a charging dock, or a headset.

If you have applied for a code from BT then you should check your email inbox right now and head over to the BT store, where fresh PS5 stock is ready and waiting for you. There is a virtual queueing system in place, and once you have access to the BT site you have 10 minutes to complete your PS5 purchase.

Buy a PS5 from the BT store now

Currys adds PS5 stock but shoppers struck by website errors

Monday 27 September 2021 11:22 , Alistair Charlton

Currys PC World had a PS5 digital edition restock this morning, complete with a queuing system to handle the crowds. However, shoppers found it all-but impossible to complete their orders, with the Currys website throwing up various errors.

First shoppers were told their queue number had been rejected, and once finally allowed onto the website they were shown a second error. This seemingly prevented eager PS5 fans from adding the console to their basket, and even got in the way of those who had reached the checkout.

We’re not sure what happened here, but wonder if perhaps Currys mistakenly added PS5 stock to the website and wasn’t able to fulfill the sudden deluge of orders the surprise restock created. Hopefully the retailer will have a more successful restock again soon.

Hamleys pre-order stock disappears in minutes

Monday 27 September 2021 11:03 , Alistair Charlton

Yes, you guessed it. Just as we’d got over the surprise of seeing PS5 stock appear for pre-order on the Hamleys website, it had disappeared. This was certainly one of the stranger PS5 restocks, with the Hamleys website pricing the console at £50 above its recommended retail price, but then offering a 10 per cent discount code to bring it back down again. We then had difficulty putting a PS5 into our basket, then just minutes later the purchase button disappeared and now the product page is showing a 404 error.

All we can say is, if you managed to bag a PS5 from Hamleys today then many congratulations!

PS5 pre-orders are now available at Hamleys

Monday 27 September 2021 10:51 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

It might be best known as a toy shop on London’s Regent Street, but Hamleys has just added a PS5 pre-order page to its website. Available for pre-order now, Hamleys says PS5 orders will be fulfilled on 4 October.

The console is listed at £50 over its usual retail price, at £499.99, but thankfully Hamleys is currently offering a 10 per cent discount code. So all you have to do is add the PS5 to your bag, then use the code ‘Cart10’ to knock off 10 percent and bring the price back down to the usual £449.99.

A second discount code is also available, where using the code ‘HMTOYS10’ brings the PS5 price back down to £449.99.

How to check for PS5 stock at your local Smyths store

Monday 27 September 2021 10:05 , Alistair Charlton

Unlike most retailers, Smyths Toys keeps a log of PS5 stock in its physical stores. We should warn readers not to get their hopes up too much though, as every store across the UK is almost always sold out of PS5s.

But the odd console does occasionally appear in a Smyths stores, and the company website gets updated to reflect when stock arrives. So we recommend shoppers keep a watchful eye on the Smyths website, where they can check for PS5 stock in their local stores.

When will Smyths get more PS5 stock?

Monday 27 September 2021 09:48 , Alistair Charlton

Smyths Toys has had two PS5 restocks in September so far, and these came after three restocks in August and two in July. Although we don’t know exactly when new stock will arrive at Smyths, the retailer’s website says the next round of PS5s is expected in October. This applies to both the disc and digital editions of PS5.

Smyths last updated its website in early September to say that previous pre-orders would be fulfilled by September 24. This date has come and gone, so hopefully those who have successfully pre-ordered a PS5 from Smyths will be receiving their consoles imminently.

When did Argos last have a PS5 restock?

Monday 27 September 2021 09:32 , Alistair Charlton

Argos is one of three retailers expected to have a PS5 restock this week. If it does indeed happen, this will be the second Argos restock of the month, with the first landing on 14 September. Before that, we saw PS5 restocks at Argos on 10 August, 21 July, 9 July and 2 July.

The Argos website currently lists the PS5 disc and digital editions as unavailable with a note to say the retailer is “working hard to make this available as soon as possible.”

When did Very last have a PS5 restock?

Monday 27 September 2021 09:14 , Alistair Charlton

Very is one of three retailers expected to have a PS5 restock this week, along with Argos and Game. This is great news for Very customers, as PS5 restocks don’t come around there all that often. We last saw a restock there on 14 September, and before that we saw restocks on 4 and 24 August, and 20 July.

When stock arrives, Very tends to employ a virtual queueing system to prevent its website from being overrun by PS5 shoppers. This can slow things down, but from experience we have found that patience – sitting in the queue without refreshing the browser – does indeed work.

Asda PS5 stock sells out in minutes

Monday 27 September 2021 09:07 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

Did you manage to buy a PS5 from Asda this morning? The supermarket had a surprise restock earlier, but the consoles disappeared in just five minutes.

Congratulations if you managed to bag one, but fear not because we’re expecting to see more PS5 stock at Argos, Game and Very this week.

When did Game last have a PS5 restock?

Monday 27 September 2021 09:01 , Alistair Charlton

Game has had more PS5 restocks than most, with two already landing this month on 14 and 15 September. Before that, we also saw console restocks at Game on 19 August and 22 July.

We’re hearing that Game will have more PS5 stock landing onto its website this week, potentially between 28 and 30 September. So gamers still looking for a PS5 shouldn’t have too much longer to wait!

PS5 stock is available at Asda right now

Monday 27 September 2021 08:58 , Alistair Charlton

Asda has treated us to a surprise PS5 restock this morning, with the disc edition available to buy online right now.

This is something of a surprise as Asda hasn’t had PS5 consoles available since the last restock on 25 August, and the latest restock arrived without warning.

Buy a PS5 from Asda right now

Which stores are expected to get more PS5 stock this week?

Monday 27 September 2021 08:43 , Alistair Charlton

It looks like it could be a bumper week for PS5 restocks, with Very, Argos and Game are expected to receive fresh consoles in the coming days. More specifically, Game is expected to restock PS5 consoles between 28 and 30 September, so between Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Along with Game, we are expecting to see PS5 restocks from Argos and Very this week. For now though, Very’s website simple says both versions of the console are out of stock, and the Argos website says the PS5 is currently unavailable.

Will John Lewis get more PS5 stock this week?

Monday 27 September 2021 08:37 , Alistair Charlton © Provided by The Independent (The Independent)

John Lewis & Partners had its first PS5 restock in over a month on Friday (24 September). This was the first time we had seen PS5 stock at the retailer since 3 August, and before that we’d only seen fresh stock land on 13 July and 18 May.

The most recent restock also included the PS5 digital edition for the first time, leading us to think John Lewis could stock both consoles going forward. That said, the restock was incredibly brief, lasting just a few minutes before selling out yet again.

Given how rare John Lewis restocks are, we won’t hold our breath for another batch of PS5 consoles arriving this week.

Good morning and welcome

Monday 27 September 2021 08:28 , Alistair Charlton

Hello and welcome back, PS5 hunters! It’s the start of a new week, and while Friday’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it restock at John Lewis is now a distant memory, we’re excited for potential restocks at Game, Argos and Very this week.

Stay tuned to this live blog for all of the latest PS5 restock news right across the UK.