This startup verifies IDs for Robinhood and DoorDash. Check out the pitch deck Persona used to raise $150 million from Founders Fund.

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  • The ID-verification startup Persona recently raised $150 million for its Series C funding round.
  • The firm won the backing of major players like Founders Fund and Index Ventures.
  • Insider got an exclusive look at the pitch deck it used to bring investors on board. 

The ID-verification startup Persona recently raised $150 million in a round led by the SpaceX-backing Founders Fund.

The San Francisco-based startup enables businesses to verify the identity of their users online by cross-referencing things like government IDs and selfies.

Persona aims to become a leader in the ID-verification market, which is set to be worth more than $16 billion globally by 2026, by partnering with companies including the food-delivery firm DoorDash, the edtech Coursera, and the trading platform Robinhood.

Businesses can embed Persona’s verification tool into their websites and apps and choose what constraints are required to be deemed successfully verified.

Persona also won the backing of existing investors Coatue Management and Index Ventures in its Series C round, alongside Meritech Capital Partners and Bond. The Series C round came less than six months after it closed its $50 million Series B round.

“Identity is at the core of every business, whether you’re a bank verifying an account holder, a marketplace corroborating sellers, or a company onboarding new employees,” Persona CEO Rick Song said. “But identity isn’t a one-off transaction — it’s a relationship.

“With Persona’s identity infrastructure, businesses can go beyond verifications and build trust throughout the customer life cycle by offering a safer, faster, and more tailored experience for each individual.”

“Persona is fast becoming the market leader in the identity space,” said Napoleon Ta, a partner at Founders Fund. “We’re confident Persona will fulfill their vision of delivering the trusted identity layer for the entire internet. Founders Fund is thrilled to support Persona in scaling to meet global demand.”

Insider got an exclusive look at the pitch deck Persona used to bring investors on board. Check it out below: