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The problems with education have gotten so out of hand that not only has Elon Musk taken his kids out of school, but he has started a radical new one, Asta Nova.

But the cost of Musk’s virtual school is far too expensive for regular folks. That’s why EdTech platforms are booming these days.  In September 2020, the Global Education Sector has evolved to $7 trillion, and Digital Learning has grown to $160 billion, up from nothing 25 years prior. (ref 11) It is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9% from 2021 to 2028. (Ref 28) And with homeschooling trend skyrocketed to their highest-ever level of 11.1% in the U.S (Ref 9), this trend is likely to stay!

Duolingo blasted into the EdTech market with an absolutely massive IPO earlier this year. With a reported 40 million monthly users and 500 million downloads (Ref 10), the company is making a lot of money in the EdTech space.

“With the recent global changes, 1.6 billion learners were thrown into the deep end of the online learning pool and told to sink or swim. The catalyst of having 20% of the world’s population becoming online learners overnight has ushered in a new era, The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning.” (Ref 11)

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