It’s raining SIPs in the mutual fund industry

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MFDs have been on a roll and are conducting successful SIP drives one after the other. Cafemutual spoke to five MFDs who recently conducted successful SIP drives.

  • Anup Agarwal, Jaipur, Rajasthan  

182 SIPs (including 36 physical SIPs) on Nov 2 amounting to Rs. 5.15 lakhs 

Anup approached his existing clients and recommended them to increase their SIPs for achieving their financial goals faster.  It is noteworthy to mention that despite suffering from viral fever, he kept himself motivated and continued his preparation for the drive to make it successful. 

Overall, 50 investors took part in the drive of which 8 were new clients. 

  • Brajesh Singh of RPL Wealth India, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 

240 SIPs on Nov 3 amounting to Rs. 6.80 lakh 

Brajesh conducted an online drive to celebrate Diwali and the recent incorporation of his company RPL Wealth India (He earlier ran his business under the name of RPL Financial Services, a proprietorship concern). He titled his drive ‘SIP Marathon’ and reached out to existing clients and prospects generated through social media & referrals. An active presence on social media platforms, Brajesh’s 24*7 accessibility to solve investor queries and back-office support from his team (Nidhi Parmar & Ajay Kushwah) helped him execute the drive successfully. He also credited the success to the motivation received from his wife and articles published on Cafemutual.  

80 investors (including 50 new clients) invested through this drive.

  • Dikshant Pande of Wealth Growth, Nashik, Maharashtra 

Rs. 25 lakh lump sum and 125 SIPs (including 5 physical SIPs) on Nov 2 amounting to Rs. 2.5 lakh 

Dikshant celebrates ‘Muhurta Guntavnuk Divas’ every Diwali and this is his fifth celebration. He ran a digital campaign and personally reached out to all his clients to emphasize long term wealth creation through SIPs. Additionally, he also presented a comparative analysis of the long term performance of mutual funds against gold. This encouraged clients to invest their lump sum amount in mutual funds rather than gold. 

67 investors including 3 new clients registered SIPs through this drive.  

  • Himanshu Gohadkar, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

55 SIPs on Oct 18 amounting to Rs. 70,000 

Himanshu hails from Shivpuri – a small B30 location. He shared with us that currently Shivpuri has less than 10 active MFDs and the nearest Registrar and Transfer Agents office is situated 110 km away. 

Drawing inspiration from Cafemutual’s article, Himanshu decided to conduct his first online drive. He made a list of clients who did not have SIP exposure and met with them to talk about benefits of doing SIPs. Additionally, he also met referrals for a detailed discussion on SIPs. He regularly followed up with them and was available 24X7 for solving their queries. 

15 existing clients and 15 first-time investors invested through this drive.

  • Mridul Upadhyay, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh   

129 SIPs (including 76 physical SIPs) on Nov 2 amounting to Rs. 2.93 lakh 

Hailing from a small town in Madhya Pradesh – Khandwa, Mridul leveraged technology for executing his drive. He themed his drive ‘SIP Pe Suhaga, Sona Hua Purana’ and approached those clients who had not increased their SIP in the past 2 or 3 years. 

96 existing clients including 18 first-time investors took part in the drive. 

  • Mukesh and Dinesh Tekriwal, Tekriwal Financial Services, Jaipur, Rajasthan

101 SIPs on Oct 18 amounting to Rs. 3.03 lakh

Tekriwal brothers focused on increasing their client base through this drive. They approached 100 prospective clients who had been referred to them. The brothers met referrals personally to understand them and explain to them about benefits of SIPs.

34 investors took part in the drive of which 90% were first time investors.