US stock market Elliott Wave analysis [Video]

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ELLIOTT WAVE ANALYSIS Tesla (TSLA) Amazon (AMZN) Apple (AAPL) Alphabet (GOOGL) Facebook (FB) Meta Platforms (META) Microsoft (MSFT) Technical Analysis & Day Trading Strategies

Video Chapters:
00:00 Amazon (AMZN).
06:35 Alphabet (GOOGL).
10:09 Apple (AAPL).
13:46 Square (SQ).
16:08 Meta Platforms (META).
19:54 Tesla (TSLA).
27:07 Microsoft (MSFT).
35:10 Thanks for watching!

US Stocks Amazon AMZN, Alphabet GOOGL, Apple AAPL, Microsoft MSFT, Facebook FB, Meta Platforms META, Tesla TSLA. Elliott Wave Analysis counts below.

Stock strategies and analysis overview: In most case, stocks have rallied into their 61.8% retracement level targets as wave two. So we now look for short trade setups, but as explained in the video, we need to be cautious, as the market still looks bullish and in this case we also need to prepare for long trades too.

US Stocks Elliott Wave Analysis:
Amazon AMZN  Elliott Wave Wave (ii) of y) of Y of (4)
Alphabet GOOGL  Elliott Wave ii) of C of (4)
Apple AAPL  Elliott Wave  Wave  (4)
Microsoft MSFT  Elliott Wave ii) of C of (4)
Square SQ Elliott Wave v) of C of (4)
Facebook FB Metaverse  Elliott Wave (4)
Tesla TSLA  Elliott Wave ii) of C of (4)

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