Sumner Hill Junior High School students win big at statewide Stock Market Game

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Three students at Sumner Hill Junior High School in the Clinton Public Schools District took home top regional honors by showing their financial acumen in the Mississippi Stock Market Game.

Freshmen Zamarian Fanroy, Aaron Hickman and Jonathan Murphy were named the first place winners in Region 3 for the Fall 2021 contest, which is sponsored by the Mississippi Council on Economic Education.

As part of the game, teams of up to five students from fourth through 10th grade receive $100,000 in virtual money to invest in a simulated stock market over a 13-week period. Teams have to maintain at least $10,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds to be eligible for prizes.

Coach Brad Pope said it provides the closest thing to real-world experience students can get and is a wonderful opportunity that could lead to more children taking up careers in finance.

“Reading about the market and how it works or viewing a PowerPoint does not get the message across to students the way actually playing the market does,” he said. “You have to play the market to understand the market and this is a fun way to introduce a very challenging topic.”

Pope said he hopes to enter more teams into the competition during the spring semester.

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