27th Investments and BetConnections are officially part of the same group

The acquisition expands the operations of 27th Investments, which already works with a broad portfolio of sophisticated and modern games, as Betconnections is known for being a platform provider for online games, an aggregator of casino games, in addition to operating in the segment sports betting and horse racing.

All these products and solutions are now added to our expertise, which offers technology, innovation and constant updates for casino operators and for the gambling market in general, will certainly contribute to the strengthening and global presence of both brands.

27th Investments’ CEO Anil Damani, commented: “The merger of the companies represents an opportunity to develop new solutions for everyone. Both brands win and the gambling market is even stronger and more promising with the news.”

BetConnections’ CEO, Jesús Campos, believes that being part of 27th Gaming Group is a new step for all employees and managers. “We are delighted to grow together with such a recognized and respected company. Having the 27th Investimets’ name on all our solutions is a source of pride,” he commented.

Source: GMB

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