'Electrification is going to be massive': Wood Mackenzie's Simon Flowers on the net zero commodities transformation

Welcome to the Net Zero Commodities Hub, which BusinessGreen is hosting in association with Wood Mackenzie.

From wind turbines and electric vehicle batteries to sustainable food, biofuels and chemicals, many of the key technologies and infrastructure needed in the growing green economy require a vast range of critical metals, minerals, crops and other raw materials.

As such, we’ll be running a series of features, interviews and in-depth analyses over the coming months exploring the huge changes underway in global commodities markets as the world continues its transition towards net zero emissions. These deep dives will look at many of the risks and opportunities across multiple markets, and what the shift to greener commodities and supply chains means for businesses and investors around the world.

To kick off the Hub today, BusinessGreen‘s editor in chief James Murray sat down recently for an in-depth chat with Wood Mackenzie’s chairman and chief analyst Simon Flowers, who boasts decades of experience researching global mining and energy markets.

In a wide-ranging discussion, they touched on how commodities markets are increasingly tilting towards the growing net zero economy, how the transition could play out across markets and supply chains in the coming years, and how Wood Mackenzie itself is diversifying its research to look at the growing risks and opportunities for commodities in the future lower carbon economy.

The fascinating conversation can be watched in full above.

This article is part of the Net Zero Commodities Hub, hosted in partnership with Wood Mackenzie.

Want to find out more about the net zero transition and how businesses are seizing the opportunities on offer? Sign up now for the Net Zero Festival, which will take place in London on September 28th and 29th. 

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