Global thematic funds see significant withdrawals as growth stocks struggle

The MSCI World index has fallen by 15% this year, while the ETF All-Stars Thematic Composite index, which includes stocks related to popular themes like fintech, sustainability, and healthcare innovation, has down by 28.76%.

After providing an average return of 30% over the previous three years, the Global Robotics Automation index ETF has fallen 26.84% this year.

The MJ ETF, which tracks international cannabis stock prices, has decreased 46.8% so far this year.

According to Morningstar data, robotics and automation funds experienced outflows totaling US$1.6 billion in the first half of this year, whereas fintech and digital economy funds experienced net sales of roughly US$1.3 billion apiece.

At the end of June, cannabis funds’ net assets fell to US$1.3 billion, a 68% decrease from the prior year, while fintech funds’ assets fell to US$8.6 billion, a 60% reduction.

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