America promised to invest in its infrastructure. What's happened since then? (Rebroadcast)

It’s been eight months since President Joe Biden signed his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law. 

The package dedicates money to rebuilding America’s roads and bridges. It also expands access to clean drinking water and high-speed internet.

But skyrocketing building costs have undermined Democrats’ ability to campaign on the hard-won bill. Some Republicans are now seizing on the moment to blame the Biden administration for stalled projects, high prices, and red tape. 

We spoke to Mitch Landrieu at the Aspen Ideas Festival a few weeks ago. He’s the White House infrastructure coordinator. We talked about how the U.S. is spending those infrastructure funds.

But before we got into that, I asked about the items that were left out of the bill: so-called soft infrastructure like home health care and education.

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