Is it a Wise Choice to Invest in Carnival Corp. (CCL)?

The collapse of 2022 has begun, and it’s about to get a lot worse.

Already, markets have fallen so far and so fast, investors have lost $15 trillion in value — the worst destruction of wealth since the Great Depression.

Already, many big-name stocks like Netflix and Facebook (Meta) have been cut down by half or more.

Clearly, this is no ordinary crisis.

Unlike any other collapse in modern history, the government is not coming to the rescue. The Fed is not cutting interest rates or pumping trillions in new paper money.

It’s doing precisely the opposite.

Unlike any other collapse, almost everything you own could be in jeopardy, even things that you thought would be safe. Not just money you have in stocks, but also money you have in bonds, real estate and even banks. Not just right now, but for many months to come.

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