USD/JPY leans bullish over medium term – BofA

Analysts at Bank of America (BofA) offer their outlook on the USD/JPY pair, maintaining a  bullish outlook over the medium term.

Key quotes

“With lower oil prices and stalling outward M&A by Japan Inc., corporate JPY supply has likely peaked for now. However, investors’ USD demand, another pillar of USD/JPY strength this year, could continue as the Fed’s rate hikes boost the USD/JPY carry and hedge cost. In the last tightening cycle, USD/JPY declined and JPY strengthened after the Fed stopped hiking rates at end-2018 with developed market (DM) central banks unable to hike as much.”

“Meanwhile, in the preceding cycle before the Global Financial Crisis, USD/JPY rose and JPY weakened while the Fed held policy rate at 5.25% for 14 months after the final hike and DM central banks hiked as aggressively.”

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