Stephanopoulos to Trump: Why Do You Keep Talking About Democrat States? They're American States

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President Donald Trump participated in a town hall event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia anchored by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday entitled “The President and the People.”

“Why do you keep talking about Democrat states, Democrat states?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“They are,” Trump answered.

“They’re American states, American states,” Stephanopoulos said to the president.

“The Democrat-run states are the ones that are doing badly, George,” Trump responded.

QUESTION: I worry about a second or third wave of unemployment. Employers that weathered the first six months of COVID-19 are now seeing their businesses dramatically impacted due to the affect of this virus on our economy.
What, as the president, is your plan to aid these workers who may not lose their jobs today but in the months to come?
TRUMP: Well, as you know, we did paycheck, but we’re doing a lot of other things. But what I want to do is see some additional stimulus. And we’re trying to get it, and we may. I mean, we just — just before I came here, we had some pretty good talks with the Democrats. We’ll see. But they’ve been very difficult —
STEPHANOPOULOS: Why not call the speaker down to your office? Hammer it out in the Oval Office (ph)?
TRUMP: Because they know exactly where I stand. At the right time, I’ll do right, but they know exactly where I stand.
What they want is a bailout of Democrat-run states that are doing poorly, and, you know, I don’t think this is the right —
STEPHANOPOULOS: Why do you keep talking about Democrat states, Democrat states?
TRUMP: They are.
STEPHANOPOULOS: They’re American states, American states.
TRUMP: No (ph). The Democrat-run states are the ones that are doing badly, George.
If you look at New York, if you look at Illinois, if you look at a lot of different places, they’re doing poorly. And cities — in particular, cities — I mean, these cities are being run so poorly —
STEPHANOPOULOS: But don’t you have a responsibility to those states and cities as well?
TRUMP: — largely because of the debt, but largely because of the crime. They don’t want to do anything about crime. Sanctuary cities — they have sanctuary cities where they’re protecting criminals.
They have things that the Republicans don’t have. So they are — I mean, I don’t want to say — look, I’m the president of everybody, but — I don’t want to say it, but they’re Democrat-run cities. It is what it is.
STEPHANOPOULOS: So will you be calling the speaker, and can you hammer out a deal?
TRUMP: At the right time, yes.
I would like to see additional stimulus for people that really it wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. It was China’s fault. I don’t care how you want to define it. This was China’s fault.
And our people shouldn’t be hurt, and we should do stimulus. We did a lot of it initially, and now they stopped, because they think it’s going to be better for the election. I don’t know —
STEPHANOPOULOS: They say if you’ll — if you’ll come up, they said — they said they’ll meet you halfway on the money.
TRUMP: Well, we can do something maybe. But I’m just hearing for the first time, about an hour ago, that maybe there is a chance to get something. And I’d like to do it. I’d like to — I would like to see it happen, George.