10 Best Low Market Cap Crypto To Invest In 2023

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New York, NY | February 09, 2023 11:50 AM Eastern Standard Time

A low cap cryptocurrency generally refers to a digital asset with a market capitalization of less than $2 billion. According to industry experts, low cap cryptocurrencies are often undervalued, and as such, offer a high upside potential.

In this guide, we have ranked and reviewed the best low cap crypto to buy in 2023. We have handpicked 10 crypto projects that have good momentum moving forward.

10 Best Low Cap Crypto to Invest in 2023

Out of the many low cap cryptos available in the market, the following stand out as the best:

  • meta masters guild Best Low Cap Crypto in 2023 with P2E Incentives
  • fight out Blockchain-Based Fitness App Offering Tokenized Rewards
  • c+charge New Low Cap Crypto Coin Powering Innovative EV Charging App
  • RobotEra – Metaverse Game Offering Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Calvaria – P2E NFT Battle Game Featuring 3D Cards
  • Lucky Block – Digital Token Powering Popular Crypto Gambling Site
  • Tamadoge – Utility Token of Trending Crypto Gaming Platform
  • Fetch.ai – Blockchain-based AI and Machine Learning Platform
  • IOTA – Smart Contract Platform Designed to Handle Payments Between IoT Devices
  • Algorand – World’s First Crypto To Solve The Blockchain Trilemma Analyzing the Best Low Cap to Invest in 2023

    Low cap cryptocurrencies are generally considered to be less established. In fact, low cap cryptos are often overlooked – albeit they have the potential for high price appreciation.

    That being said, low cap cryptocurrencies are also considered more risky investments. Therefore, investors need to do thorough research to identify the best low cap crypto gems in the market.

    To help clear the mist, we have scoured the market to find the 10 best low cap cryptos worth considering right now.

    1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Overall Best Low Cap Crypto in 2023

    One way to identify potentially undervalued low cap cryptocurrencies is to consider emerging digital tokens. meta masters guild is a new crypto project that has just entered its presale stage. It combines two of the biggest trends of today’s tech market – web3 and mobile gaming.

    Although there are many crypto games out there, most of them can be accessed only via desktop browsers. The MEMAG team aims to rectify this – by providing a range of mobile-exclusive games that can be easily accessed anywhere.

    And, of course, as a web3 project, Meta Masters Guild will integrate NFTs into its gaming ecosystem. This means that players will ultimately own all the NFT assets they use when playing MEMAG games. That being said, the MEMAG team has made it clear that Meta Masters Guild is a play-and-earn platform.

    To elaborate, the project will host titles that emphasize compelling gameplay rather than just tokenization elements. In other words – the gameplay comes first, and monetization is an added advantage rather than being the prime focus.

    Nevertheless, every game on Meta Masters Guild will have in-game rewards, which are given out as GEMS tokens. These GEMS can be subsequently converted into MEMAG – the native token of Meta Masters Guild. The platform also supports the staking of MEMAG tokens, offering players an additional way to boost their earnings.

    As of writing, Meta Masters Guild is conducting the sixth stage of the presale for its MEMAG token. During this stage, one MEMAG token is being sold for $0.021, and the presale has already raised nearly $3.5 million.

    Once this stage concludes, the price of MEMAG will rise to $0.023. Those interested in purchasing MEMAG tokens can do so via the meta masters guild website by exchanging ETH or USDT.

    The platform also supports fiat currency payments using a credit/debit card, which is a beneficial option for crypto beginners.

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    2. Fight Out – Blockchain-Based Fitness App Offering Tokenized Rewards

    fight out is an upcoming crypto project that offers all the features necessary for users to foster a healthy lifestyle. The project is building a comprehensive fitness ecosystem that utilizes the move-to-earn mechanism. The main product of Fight Out will be a mobile app that offers on-demand workouts and one-on-one private fitness sessions.

    The app will offer support for an array of workout routines – which includes everything from walking, jogging, and weight lifting to boxing and Zumba. The Fight Out app will also reward users for completing workouts. Perhaps the most unique feature of Fight Out is that it also incorporates web3 elements within the move-to-earn model.

    For instance, after signing up with Fight Out, users will be able to mint an avatar. The characteristics of this avatar will also be updated as the user progresses within the Fight Out app. With this avatar, users are also given the opportunity to participate in tournaments and championships held in the FightOut metaverse.

    Aside from these features, Fight Out also aims to establish its presence in the real world by launching gyms in many different locations. These gyms will be equipped with the necessary technology to track user movements and offer them crypto rewards.

    fight out has devised a new cryptocurrency, named REPS, which will function as the main reward token of the platform. The Fight Out app allows users to take advantage of REPS to pay for private lessons and buy merchandise. In addition to REPS, Fight Out also has FGHT, which is the main utility token of this ecosystem.

    Interestingly, FGHT also has real-world utility because users have to stake this token to earn access to the Fight Out app. Moreover, users can also convert FGHT tokens to REPS so that they can make in-app purchases. As such, the easiest way to gain exposure to the Fight Out ecosystem is to buy FGHT.

    The Fight Out team has initiated its presale to raise funds and create awareness about the project. As of writing, a single FGHT token can be purchased for $0.02035 – and this price will go up as the presale progresses.

    Nearly $4 million has been raised so far. Fight Out is selling a total of 900 million of its native tokens via presale – and at this price, FGHT is one of the best low market cap cryptocurrencies to consider right now.

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    3. C+Charge – New Low Cap Crypto Coin Powering Innovative EV Charging App

    c+charge is a blockchain-based platform that revolutionizes the way EV owners charge their vehicles. With C+Charge, EV owners can easily connect with charging networks and make payments securely with cryptocurrencies. On top of that, EV owners can also earn carbon credits in return for using the C+Charge app for their charging activities.

    In other words, C+Charge is making EV charging more efficient, reliable, and rewarding. Additionally, C+Charge addresses some of the crucial problems faced by EV owners. This includes the lack of a unified payment system, access to carbon credits, and non-transparent pricing.

    With the C+Charge app, EV drivers can use CCHG tokens to pay for charging services. Since the app processes payment with blockchain technology, there will be complete transparency. In fact, C+Charge will even display how much charging sessions will cost beforehand.

    Moreover, C+Charge also makes it easy for users to find the nearest available charging station. Moreover, as noted above, users will be rewarded with extra carbon credits when they recharge their vehicle using the C+Charge wallet and app.

    This is a crucial step in the EV industry – as carbon credits were previously not offered to owners of electric vehicles.

    Not only EV drivers, but CCHG token holders will also be able to receive carbon credits – as a reflection of the 1% transaction fees collected by the platform. As is evident, the CCHG token serves as the backbone of the C+Charge ecosystem.

    The C+Charge presale offers investors the chance to buy CCHG tokens at a discounted rate. As of writing, the presale is in stage two – where CCHG tokens are available for $0.0145 each. The presale will have six more stages – until the price reaches $0.02350 per CCHG token.

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    4. RobotEra – Metaverse Game Offering Multiple Revenue Streams

    robotera is another emerging metaverse project that offers immersive gameplay. Crucially, it offers players full ownership of all their in-game assets. This way, RobotEra has succeeded in setting up multiple streams for its users to gain rewards.

    At its core, RobotEra is a metaverse-building game. It allows investors to buy virtual plots of land on a new metaverse planet called Taro. In the game, Taro has recently witnessed a battle between inhabitants and an army of robots. And as a result of a chain reaction, all inhabitants were killed, and robots were left to rebuild the new world.

    On RobotEra, all players will have their own robot avatars, represented as NFTs. Moreover, all in-game assets, lands, and other structures are also structured as NFTs. RobotEra also stands out in the play-to-earn niche by offering different ways for users to earn money.

    For instance, players can trade any of their in-game NFTs. RobotEra will also feature quests and challenges that offer additional opportunities for players to make money. In addition to this, users can also host events with tokenized entry tickets, sell advertisement spaces, and more.

    Furthermore, RobotEra also allows users to stake the native token, TARO, to earn additional rewards. The presale of TARO token has raised over $800,000 so far. The presale is still in its initial stage, with one TARO token selling for $0.020 – which makes this one of the best low cap cryptos in the metaverse niche.

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    5. Calvaria – P2E NFT Battle Game Featuring 3D Cards

    Calvaria is yet another early-stage project that has caught the attention of crypto gamers. In calvaria , players are required to collect NFT cards and use them to battle against each other in strategic duels. Upon winning these duels, players will earn crypto rewards for their achievements.

    The game also features a marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade their cards, offering the opportunity to create and build their own unique NFT collections. Players can use RIA, the native cryptocurrency of Calvaria, to purchase NFTs in this marketplace.

    Investors will also be able to stake their RIA tokens to earn passive income. Calvaria has already sold 150 million RIA tokens in a hugely successful presale that raised over $3 million. The highest presale price of RIA tokens was $0.0325, and this cryptocurrency is yet to be listed on exchanges, with the IEO set to happen in February 2023.

    Meaning, the market cap of RIA is very low as of writing. – at less than $5 million. This makes RIA one of the best low market cap crypto coins for those looking to gain exposure to the play-to-earn sector.

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    6. Lucky Block – Digital Token Powering Popular Crypto Gambling Site

    When searching for the best low market cap cryptocurrency, investors can also consider emerging digital tokens with unique use cases. LBLOCK is one such crypto – which serves as the utility token of the Lucky Block ecosystem. lucky block hosts a variety of crypto-related services – including a blockchain-based gambling site.

    The Lucky Block casino was launched in late 2022 and has already been named one of the best online casinos , featuring thousands of classic gambling games from leading developers such as BetSoft, NetEnt, and more. It also provides an unmatched sports gambling experience, offering users access to pre-game and live betting markets.

    As the Lucky Block casino gains more popularity, the demand for LBLOCK tokens is also expected to follow suit. This is because the Lucky Block casino is getting ready to facilitate gambling with LBLOCK tokens.

    Moreover, LBLOCK tokens have no transaction fees – which makes them an ideal choice for short-term trading. As of writing, LBLOCK tokens are trading at around $0.0002 per coin.

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    7. Tamadoge – Utility Token of Trending Crypto Gaming Platform

    tamadoge is another top contender in the play-to-earn sector. Although Tamadoge is a low market cap crypto at the time of writing, it is also one of several trending digital tokens in this space right now. The project recently launched its first arcade game, Super Doge, which has helped stir up a lot of interest from crypto gamers and investors.

    Tamadoge was launched in late 2022 and had one of the best crypto presales of the year – raising around $19 million in funding. The play-to-earn project plans to build an arcade of games that features NFT pets inspired by the Doge meme. Players are required to build a collection of NFT pets and breed and battle them to obtain crypto rewards on Tamadoge.

    However, the main reason why many investors consider Tamadoge as the best low market cap cryptocurrency is because of its use cases within its gaming ecosystem. TAMA tokens can be used to carry out in-app purchases on Tamadoge and can also be used for staking.

    As we noted above, Tamadoge experienced massive hype when it launched in September 2022. Soon after, the price of TAMA tokens reached an all-time high of $0.194 – over 2,000% more than its presale price.

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    8. Fetch.ai – Blockchain-Based AI and Machine Learning Platform

    Artificial intelligence is one of the buzz topics of 2023. And as such, many investors are searching for the best crypto with low market cap that can give them exposure to the AI sector. In this regard, Fetch.ai is a cryptocurrency well worth considering.

    Fetch.ai is an open-source AI platform that enables the development of decentralized autonomous economic agents (DAEAs).

    These agents can autonomously and securely interact with each other and with their environment – to make decisions, transact, and optimize resources. The Fetch.AI model has use cases across any digital system that uses large-scale data sets.

    This includes transportation networks, energy grids, travel, and more. The FET token is the main form of currency used in the Fetch.ai network. As of writing, Fetch.ai has a market cap of around $400 million and is trading for about $0.5 per coin.

    9. IOTA – Smart Contract Platform Designed to Handle Payments Between IoT Devices

    IOTA is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. In simple terms, IOTA is a ledger that can execute microtransactions among IoT devices. In fact, it uses a proprietary technology called Tangle, which makes it possible to authenticate transactions without miners or validators.

    This means that there is no need to pay gas fees when executing IOTA transactions. The platform’s crypto token, MIOTA, facilitates transactions on the IOTA network and will also serve as a reward currency for IOTA network supporters.

    Although IOTA has unique use cases, this cryptocurrency is yet to achieve a large market cap. As per many industry analysts, IOTA is thus one of the most undervalued cryptos with low market cap.

    10. Algorand – World’s First Crypto To Solve The Blockchain Trilemma

    Algorand is one of the few blockchain projects that has successfully achieved decentralization, security, and scalability. However, Algorand also has a number of other core features that make it stand out in the market. First Algorand is known for its ability to work across various blockchain networks.

    Second, the Algorand network can use smart contracts to enable transactions without a centralized third party. This feature facilitates multiple use cases for Algorand – from hosting stablecoins such as USD Coin and Tether on its blockchain to creating NFTs, DeFi apps, and more.

    As of writing, Algorand tokens are trading for around $0.20 per coin and have a reasonably low market cap – just under $2 billion. According to crypto analysts, Algorand has high upside potential as it comes with both interoperability as well as functionality.


    In this guide, we have reviewed some of the trending digital tokens so that investors can choose the best low market cap cryptocurrency for their portfolio.

    Based on our market research, we found that MEMAG is one of the top low cap cryptos with impressive growth prospects.

    MEMAG is shaping up to be an innovative project for web3 in the mobile gaming space. It has all the right ingredients to be a successful gaming platform – such as NFTs, support for staking, a metaverse, and a wide range of exciting games.

    Investors interested in the project can check out the MEMAG presale in order to get the lowest price possible!

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