AI dominating the action in the stock market right now

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OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, is receiving billions of dollars in funding from Microsoft Corp. The rollout of this new technology has been followed by similar efforts by Alphabet Inc. and other companies and is generating excitement among investors large and small.

Check out the year-to-date performance for three well-known AI and robotics exchange-traded funds against the S&P 500 and the Invesco QQQ Trust which tracks the Nasdaq-100 Index :

Emily Bary rounds up competition in the AI space, while Therese Poletti considers Microsoft’s growth path as it integrates ChatGPT into its Bing search engine.

Here’s a sample of continuing AI coverage and related opinion, some of which is skeptical:

Germany’s effort to move on from Russian natural gas

Germany is one of the world’s largest export economies, and its manufacturers and producers of raw materials were reeling from the disruption of natural-gas supplies even before Russia invaded Ukraine almost a year ago.

Barbara Kollmeyer visited InfraLeuna, which produces chemicals for large companies including Linde PLC and TotalEnergies SE and interviewed CEO Christof Günther, who described various efforts to adjust to Germany’s new energy reality. She also talked to executives at other companies for her deep look into Germany’s energy transformation.

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Speaking of energy, here are two stocks that are cheaply priced

Michael Brush looks at shares of two energy giants that are trading at low valuations and may represent a temporary opportunity for investors to scoop up bargains.

Read on: Biden Spoke an Inconvenient Truth — The U.S. Still Needs Oil and Gas

Fraud and other financial crimes

Jillian Berman tells the story of a man who had money stolen from his Chase bank account and fought the bank for years before he got the money back — just days before he died. The article includes information that could be useful to victims of similar fraud.

See the Financial Crime column for more, including Lukas I. Alpert’s look at a giant-tire Ponzi scheme.

What’s next for the stock market?

Stocks have rallied this year, following the broad declines of 2022. Investors always wonder what will happen next, especially in the near term. Mark Hulbert looks at corporate insider stock-buying activity to provide a hint at what’s to come.

More from Hulbert: 10 value stocks for today’s market

This training program prepares people to be CEOs, and nearly half of those who complete it are women

Many corporate executives rise through the ranks over a period of decades, which can stymie efforts to increase diversity among upper management. But Alpine Investors’ popular CEO-in-Training program emphasizes job candidates’ attributes, rather than their experience, as Steve Gelsi reports.

Here’s what the inverted yield curve might mean for you

Interest rates on long-term bonds are usually higher than rates on short-term bonds. But when investors pile into long-term bonds, they push prices higher, which can cause the yields on those securities (that is, their fixed interest rates when issued divided by their current market prices) to move even lower than yields on short-term paper.

Joseph Adinolfi explains why the yield curve is inverted and what this may portend for investors.

The longer the maturity of a bond, the more volatile its market price tends to be. This means you will normally take more risk with a long-term bond fund than with a short-term fund, in return for a higher yield. But now the sweet spot seems to be on the shorter end, with two-year U.S. Treasury notes yielding 4.49% on Friday, while 10-year Treasury notes yielded 3.69%.

In this week’s ETF Wrap, Chistine Idzelis talks to money managers about how to invest when short-term rates are relatively high, and provides several examples of ETFs to consider.

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How high might bitcoin go from here?

The price of bitcoin has risen 31% this year, following a 78% decline in 2022. But all that is old news. What’s next? In this week’s Distributed Ledger column, Frances Yue looks at evidence indicating that bitcoin is entering a new bull market.

Mark Hulbert does his own analysis to model a long-term top price for bitcoin.

Difficult decisions nearly everyone will face

Beth Pinsker shares tips on how to arrange care for elderly loved ones — and how to pay for it.

A time of change at Disney

After retiring from his role as CEO of Walt Disney Co. in 2020, Robert Iger returned to the top spot in November. This week he announced several important moves, including 7,000 layoffs, when the company reported its quarterly results.

Here’s the earnings coverage.

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