Amcor to invest $250K into Circolution

Switzerland-based packaging producer Amcor plans to invest $250,000 into reusable food packaging startup Circolution as a part of its Lift-Off initiative. Launched in April 2022, the program targets breakthrough technologies that will further advance Amcor’s goal to make the future of packaging more sustainable.

Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2019, Circolution’s packaging solution builds on the country’s existing bottle deposit system, which Amcor says offers fast-moving consumer goods brands a simple pay-per-cycle service that delivers a significant reduction in carbon footprint per manufacturing cycle versus standard single-use packaging.

Amcor says Circolution has developed an innovative model which provides a complete circular service, including smart reusable packaging, reverse logistics, data analytics and impact measurement. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and materials, the packaging solution requires no upfront investment and has been designed to be fully compatible with existing supply chain and scaled operations standards.

“We are delighted to be in a position to support Circolution at this early stage and see great synergies with both our existing products and other investments as we work toward a circular system for packaging,” Amcor Vice President of Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation Frank Lehmann says.

He continues, “Amcor is passionate about supporting the development of a circular economy, and innovation is essential to achieving our goals. Collaboration and investment drive progress, and this is the ethos that led to the formation of the Amcor Lift-Off initiative. Our team continues to discover the most impressive, innovative startups across the industry, and we look forward to seeing what fruits this latest partnership will bear.”

Amcor says it is already working to provide the lid-sealing solution for Circolution’s first product in the coffee, cacao and powder sector, launched in 2022, using Amcor’s recyclable AmFoil AluFix peelable can lidding. The company says the investment highlights its efforts to make all products either recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Circolution is the third company to secure funding through Amcor’s Lift-Off program, which offers packaging startups up to $250,000 to help scale their innovations. Earlier this year, Amcor announced seed funding for Waterloo, Ontario-based Nfinite Nanotechnology and Fribourg, Switzerland-based Bloom Biorenewables Ltd., and the company says it expects to make additional investments in the coming months.

“We are very happy to win Amcor as the first ticket in our funding round,” says Alessandro Marchiaro, co-founder, financing and big data at Circolution. “After having successfully launched in 2022 and begun to scale up our operations, Amcor’s expertise and funding will be invaluable. We’re excited to take this important step.”