Analysts are Bullish on These Two German Stocks

German companies Commerzbank (DE:CBK) and Delivery Hero (DE:DHER) have been trending in the market after gaining analyst confidence in the last few days.

Both Commerzbank and Delivery Hero have declared growth-oriented results, which has helped them regain analysts’ confidence. The analysts are bullish on these companies and have also predicted an upside in their share prices.

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Let’s have a look at these companies in detail.

Commerzbank AG

Commerzbank is a German bank that provides a broad range of financial services through its branches and offices in 50 countries.

Analysts remain bullish on the stock based on its strong performance in 2022 and a positive outlook laid out by the bank for 2023. The bank expects higher net interest margins for 2023, despite a challenging environment.

Last week, the bank announced its 2022 annual results, which showed higher revenue growth as well better cost efficiency. The bank’s revenue increased by 12% to €9.5 billion from higher customer activities and rising interest rates. For the year, the bank posted a net profit of €1.435 billion, which was more than three times the profit of €430 million in 2021. This also beat analysts’ expectations of €1.36 billion.

The net interest income jumped by 33% to €6.5 billion. Moving forward, the bank expects it to be even higher in 2023, further increasing its profitability.

The bank announced a dividend of €0.2 per share for 2022.

What is Commerzbank’s Target Price?

Post-results, the stock has seen a lot of action from analysts. Recently, analysts from Morgan Stanley and UBS have reiterated their Buy ratings.

Overall, CBK stock has a Moderate Buy rating, based on six Buy and six Hold recommendations.

The average target price is €12.66, suggesting an upside of 18.21% from the current price.

Delivery Hero SE

Delivery Hero is an online food delivery platform, with a presence in more than 70 countries.

The company’s stock has been trading down by 12.6% in the last year. The company was also a victim of COVID-affected businesses, which posed numerous challenges to the industry as a whole.

In February, the company announced its Q4 results for 2022, which clearly showed its progress toward profitability. The GMV (gross merchandise value) increased by 9% to €11.4 billion in the quarter. The company ended 2022 with a cash balance of €2.4 billion, which will help reduce the cash burn in the coming quarters.

The company’s margins are constantly improving, and it confirmed the guidance of its EBITDA/GMV margin of over 1% for the first half of 2023.

Delivery Hero Stock Forecast

After the announcement of the result, analysts are highly bullish on the stock and also see a huge upside in the share price.

According to TipRanks consensus, DHER stock has a Strong Buy rating, based on 11 Buy, one Hold, and one Sell recommendations.

The average target price is €65.84, which has a huge upside potential of 68.24%.


Analysts think Delivery Hero has huge upside potential, driven by a recovery in its operations and profits. The decline in the share price provides a good buying opportunity.

While Commerzbank stock is already performing well, analysts still see an upside of around 18% on the share price. The higher net interest income will drive more profits for the bank in 2023.