Charles Barkley drops concerning truth bomb on Suns after Kevin Durant trade

You can be sure that Charles Barkley was jumping up and down when he learned about his beloved Phoenix Suns pulling off the blockbuster Kevin Durant trade. However, being the realist that he is, Barkley was quick to point out a very dangerous caveat for the Suns as they now look to go all the way and win the championship this year.

At this point, Barkley does not seem very confident about Phoenix’s second unit. They now have arguably the best starting lineup in the NBA, but in his mind, Chuck believes that the bench has left a lot to be desired:

“The West is so good now, you’re going to need a good bench,” Barkley said. You can’t go to war with just KD, Booker, and Ayton because the West is so loaded. … Our starting unit, we’re good to go, but to win three series just to get to the Finals, your bench has gotta be huge.”

Barkley says that he’s going to be keeping a close eye on his Suns in the buyout market now that the NBA trade deadline has passed. Sir Charles seems adamant that Phoenix will need to add more warm bodies to their rotation to strengthen their bench. He has no issue with the starting five, but Barkley points out that the Suns’ thin bench could face problems if they face the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Memphis Grizzlies in the playoffs.