Cryptocurrency price in India 23 February 2023: Bitcoin increase 1.16%, Ethereum & other top tokens in the green

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Cryptocurrency price in India 23 February 2023: Bitcoin increase 1.16%, Ethereum & other top tokens in the green

Top cryptocurrencies on Thursday traded in the green. The largest cryptocurrency by market value, Bitcoin moved up by 1.16 percent over the last 24 hours to trade at $24,479.06. At the time of writing this article (0930 IST), the value of Ethereum also rose by 1.20 percent to currently trade at $1,669.09.

“The news of the US defaulting if the debt ceiling is not raised has sparked the inflow of funds in Bitcoin which is driving the current rally in the world’s largest digital asset. We can expect a spike in the BTC-USD pair in the coming weeks. Clarity on US regulations around digital assets with calculated execution of the policies is the key to the holistic development of the crypto industry,” said Tarusha Mittal, COO and Cofounder of Dapps and UniFarm. 

As the market witnessed growth, the price of other top tokens like Solana and XRP increased by 0.44 percent to $24.51 and 1.49 percent to $0.395476. This growth continued in Litecoin with a 0.64 percent rise and in Polkadot by 2.26 percent incline. Toncoin also managed to improve its value by 3.23 percent in the last 24 hours. However, the value of Avalanche went down by 2.94 percent, followed by a decline in Cosmos of 0.99 percent. 

On 23 February, the global crypto market cap advanced by 1.21 percent to $1.11 trillion in the past 24 hours. Contrastingly, the total crypto market volume stood at $61.80 billion, having registered a fall of 9.34 percent over the last day.

Gainers and decliners of the day

According to CoinMarketCap, the top gainers were Tezos,Optimism, Engin Coin, and Stacks. Contrarily, the top losers were, Filecoin, Conflux, Internet computer, and Neo.

The value of meme coins improves 

On Thursday, the value of meme coins improved. Shiba Inu surged by 3.68 percent to $0.000013. The improvement in prices affected the price of Dogecoin by a 1.18 percent rise to $0.085916. Unlike yesterday, Dogelon Mars also grew by 5.84 percent to $4.51e-7.

Metaverse tokens in the green

A majority of the top metaverse tokens remained in the green. The price of The Sandbox recorded gains of 0.80 percent, which continued in Axie Infinity by a 0.66 percent boost and Decentraland by a 2.96 percent increase from yesterday.


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