Elon Musk Pokes Fun at Low Tesla Stock Price in Raunchy Joe Rogan Video

Elon Musk’s latest Twitter post suggests he’s starting an OnlyFans account to make up for the falling Tesla stock price.

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Elon Musk shared an AI-generated conversation between him, Joe Rogan (L) and Jordan Peterson (R) discussing their “tasteful nudes” on OnlyFans.

The CEO of the social media platform tweeted out a surprising video showing himself and Jordan Peterson as guests on Joe Rogan’s podcast. What ensued shocked viewers as over 4 million people stopped to click on the content.

The clip, which shows Musk and Peterson talking about what body parts to show on their OnlyFans account on The Joe Rogan Experience, is taken from a YouTube channel that uses AI to create fake videos of real people. The AI seemingly only creates the audio, which has been dubbed over video of old clips of each man on the podcast.

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“Check out my spice […] OnlyGANS!!” Musk wrote on Twitter late on Thursday night as he shared the imagined conversation. The delivery from each person in the video is slightly robotic and, but the voices sound remarkably like the real thing.

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“So Elon, recently you made an OnlyFans account. Can you tell us a bit about it?” the AI-generated voice of Rogan says as the 38-second video begins.

“Sure Joe. So you may have heard that Tesla stocks are down in the past year, so to recover a bit of cashflow, I wanted share some tasteful nudes with the world,” Musk says.

From there, Musk and Peterson go on to discuss which parts of their body they show off on these pretend OnlyFans accounts.

“Elon I think I speak on behalf of the entire world when I say that we feel blessed with your beautiful tasteful nudes,” Rogan says at the end of the video.

“So far I think this trend of creation of stupid [stuff] is the best use of AI,” the meme account with 2 million followers, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, wrote in the comment section.

The video included a water mark of the video’s original creator. It was made by YouTuber Viral Nico, who uploaded it three days ago. While its views were in the hundreds on that channel, Musk’s post allowed it to be seen by millions more.

“AI generated Elon Musk Talks About His Onlyfans with Joe Rogan,” Viral Nico wrote in the description of the video. “This is a parody made by AI voice cloning technology,” he clarified. People commenting online suggested it was made using the voice.ai software.

Other recent videos on the channel follow in a similar vein. They include Joe Rogan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson “talking about butts” and Rogan, Musk and YouTuber Mr. Beast playing “Smash or Pass.”

Thousands commented on and retweeted the video, with many sharing how funny they thought it was.

Social media influencer Mrs Poindexter, real name Crystal Jackson, said: “I think @elonmusk is giving a shout out to @OnlyFans CEO @AmrapaliGan. They must have met at the Davos World Economic Forum.”

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