Ex-Cohasset employee allegedly ran 'cryptocurrency mining operation' under high school

COHASSET – A town employee is accused of running a “cryptocurrency mining operation” out of Cohasset High School.

Cohasset police said another town worker made the discovery in a “remote crawl space under the school” in December of 2021. He saw electrical wires and several computers “that seemed out of place,” police said.

The operation was illegally using power from the school’s electrical system, police determined after consulting IT professionals. Investigators with the Coast Guard and Homeland Security helped to safely remove the mining equipment and figure out where it came from.

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Equipment used in the alleged cryptocurrency mining operation under Cohasset High School Cohasset Police

After a three-month investigation, police charged former Cohasset assistant facilities director Nadeam Nahas, 39, with fraudulent use of electricity and vandalizing the school. Nahas resigned from his job in early 2022, police said. 

Cohasset Public Schools told WBZ-TV in a statement “we were cooperative in assisting the Cohasset Police throughout the investigation,” but offered no further comment. 

As CBS News explains, crypto is digital currency that can be made or “mined” by using specialized computer processors running on vast amounts of electricity.

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