‘Invest, live, play’: Skiatook Chamber unveils updated action plan for economic development

The Skiatook Chamber of Commerce recently released an updated action plan for economic development in the region.

The plan, prepared by Community Growth Strategies LLC, provides three sections: invest, live and play, with several goals and tactics to carry out growth and development across the region in the coming years.

Invest in Skiatook (business attraction and retention)

Goal 1: Develop an ongoing plan to fund economic development in Skiatook.

• Tactic: Investigate the potential in designating a portion of City sales tax for economic development.

Goal 2: Covet and promote the existing primary employer base and work with them to provide a platform for growth and success.

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• Tactic: Develop a simple database to survey local, primary employers and store pertinent employment and company information.

Goal 3: Develop a Marketing Plan

• Tactic 1: Develop a “fact sheet” on all potential development sites and buildings. Include site ownership, status for marketing, traffic counts, location data and any incentives.

• Tactic 2: Engage with GRDA economic development director and make use of their Placer AI subscription to develop retail strategies.

• Tactic 3: Target outdoor, recreation, sport and boating destination and retail businesses.

• Tactic 4: Join the Innovating Commerce Serving Communities. Become active in their local and regional events. Exhibit at the Red River Regional event in Dallas.

• Tactic 5: Run online surveys of Skiatook residents to assist in determining retail business targets.

• Tactic 6: Develop and print a list of those things that the City of Skiatook and/or either of the counties can provide to a retail development project.

• Tactic: Develop a strategy for “moving” empty buildings along city corridors.

• Tactic 7: For prospect hosting and working with consultants, Oklahoma Department of Commerce project managers and developers, designate an “Economic Development Point Person” to work with business prospects.

• Tactic 8: Explore the development of the Skiatook Regional Airport.

• Tactic 9: Create an atmosphere to make Skiatook a popular “remote worker” location.

• Tactic 10: Get on the “radar screen” of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

• Tactic 11: Maintain active participation in Tulsa’s Future and NORA.

Live in Skiatook (placemaking)

Goal 1: Implement a vibrant downtown development program.

• Tactic 1: Organize an active Downtown Development Task Force.

• Tactic 2: Benchmark other cities that are enjoying successful downtown development.

• Tactic 3: Provide free Wi-Fi downtown.

Goal 2: Update transportation venues in the community.

• Tactic 1: Work with ODOT to develop an ongoing plan to upgrade and redesign the section of Oklahoma 20 in the downtown section.

• Tactic 2: Develop a plan to add bike lanes on city streets and highways.

• Tactic 3: Design and install “Wayfinding Signage.”

Play in Skiatook (visit Skiatook)

Goal 1: Increase the number of visitors (and their dollars) to Skiatook.

• Tactic 1: Designate “Visit Skiatook” as a target industry.

• Tactic 2: Develop a Hotel/Resort Recruitment Strategy.

Goal 2: Make Skiatook Northeast Oklahoma’s most attractive community.

• Tactic 1: Upgrade the appearance of the intersection of U.S. 75 and Oklahoma 20.

• Tactic 2: Advertise and promote the Osage Prairie Trail.

• Tactic 3: Design, construct and maintain entrances to Skiatook.

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