Jordan Belfort's Brutally Honest Thoughts About The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie And Leonardo DiCaprio's Performance

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  • Here’s What Wolf Of Wall Street Got Wrong About Jordan Belfort
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All the way back in 2013, the legendary and now iconic movie The Wolf Of Wall Street was released in theaters. It was met with instant critical success and would go on to receive numerous awards for its tremendous acting and riveting story. The movie was essentially Goodfellas set on Wall Street, and it was helmed by the same passionate director Martin Scorsese.

In the years since the Wolf himself, Jordan Belfort, has made a separate name for himself as an internet celebrity. He constantly gives his opinion on all sorts of things, from politics and the economy to other internet millionaires. He invites those same millionaires, heavyweight names such as Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone, onto his podcast appropriately named The Wolf’s Den.

Many times, Jordan has been asked about his opinion on the movie that made him famous. He’s also discussed it on his podcast. Here’s everything Jordan’s had to say about the outright amazing depiction of his life.

Here’s What Wolf Of Wall Street Got Right About Jordan Belfort

2013’s The Wolf Of Wall Street took place during the 1980s when Jordan was an up-and-coming stockbroker who made millions from swindling the New York elite. After years of investigations, Jordan was finally arrested and jailed for corruption and fraud charges. However, according to The Daily Mail, he only served 22 months total for his sentence.

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Overall, The Wolf Of Wall Street was a movie that defied genres. At times, it was funny. At other times it was a super dark drama that wasn’t afraid to pull punches. The movie did a great job steering along the boundaries of the multiple genres involved, mainly due to the fact that Jordan’s life was all over the place throughout the ’80s.

The film definitely nailed that, which is arguably the most important thing it had to get right. The film never becomes too jarring in its merger of emotions, which is pretty much the best thing about the film. It’s simultaneously outlandish and depressing.

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Jonah Hill and Leonardo Dicaprio

As far Jordan’s problems with illegal substances go, that appears to be correct. Jordan has confirmed on numerous occasions how much his addiction problems controlled his life and emotions during that time. In an interview with London Real, Jordan specifically claims that the movie got “the camaraderie and the insanity” of that era accurately. If anything, the movie seems to not have gone dark enough, which is pretty depressing to think about. How crazy were those times, really?

Here’s What Wolf Of Wall Street Got Wrong About Jordan Belfort

While Jordan has spoken about the general accuracy of The Wolf Of Wall Street, some of those close to the situation have spoken publicly about what the film has gotten wrong.

Christina McDowell, the daughter of one of Jordan’s former associates, has been the biggest detractor of the movie. According to The Guardian, Christina has expressed the opinion that the movie essentially glamorizes the wealth and corruption that occurs on Wall Street. Instead of painting an outright dirty picture of what happened, she claims that the movie “glorified greed and psychopathic behavior”.

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Leonardo DiCaprio looking really angry

Nadine Maculoso, Jordan’s wife who was portrayed by Margot Robbie, had some slightly negative things to say about the movie. She posted a video on TikTok not necessarily critiquing the movie, but how the movie has been perceived by society over time. She commended the film for getting the emotional abuse right, however, and hoped that it would educate younger fans on how not to behave in a relationship.

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Some other general inaccuracies include Matthew McConaughey’s iconic character, which was very loosely based on a real-life friend of Jordan. A lot of what happened in that opening scene has been confirmed to be false. Funnily enough, Matthew improvised his famous chest-thumping scene.

Here’s What Jordan Belfort Has Said About Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie

Considering that The Wolf Of Wall Street is based on an autobiography written by Jordan, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jordan has nothing but love for the film. It certainly helps that the movie was directed by one of the best directors ever, and starred great actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Margot Robbie, and Jonah Hill.

Jonah was so intent on working on this movie that he immediately signed his contract with barely any negotiations. That’s how much respect this movie and its director commanded even during the early stages of production.

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As mentioned earlier, Jordan has stated that the film really didn’t go as hard as it could’ve. He told The Hollywood Reporter that the more bizarre and outlandish stories in the film really happened, and they occurred more often than the film could even express. As talented as Martin Scorsese is, there’s no way any director could accurately depict how absolutely insane Jordan has described his lifestyle in the 80s and 90s. The Wolf Of Wall Street really was the best attempt at a Jordan Belfort biopic without requiring an NC-17 rating.

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George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Francis Ford Coppola at the Oscars

Jordan then expressed his views about Leonardo’s performance when asked about it on TikTok. Jordan actually confessed that he and Leo spent nearly a year together, discussing everything from hand movements to language patterns. Jordan said Leo wrote and re-wrote the script to make it more accurate to how Jordan really is.

Amusingly enough, the crazy Lamborghini scene was improvised by Leonardo. That was also based on a true story.

Since the events of The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan has lived a mostly clean life. He still lives an adventurous life, hanging out with celebrities such as Drake and Joey Diaz. Mike Tyson’s friends with Jordan, and once made fun of Jordan’s height.

Jordan is also still extremely rich, making money from his podcast as well as his public speeches regarding his personal life lessons. Jordan’s mansion recently hit the real estate market for the low price of $10 million, just to show how much money the man still has. He’s still giving his opinions on financial topics such as real estate and bitcoin, too, and his podcast is more popular than ever.

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