Maintaing diversity in tech: Firms continues Atlanta investments


Visa says it is still hiring and remains focused on hiring Black workers and partnering with Black startups at its new Atlanta office. Despite a wave of big tech layoffs in 2023, the payment giant and other companies including Walmart, Micron, and Cisco say they are maintaining a focus on diversity. 27% of Atlanta’s tech workers are Black compared to 2% in the Bay Area and 3% in Austin according to CBRE. That’s why Visa and others say they are moving forward with plans despite the economic slowdown. 2023 could be a major turning point for diversity in tech according to a new report this week from McKinsey. If the Black tech gap isn’t closed there will be $360B in lost wages and the underrepresentation will grow. Frank Holland looks at the data, the companies emphasizing diversity, and speaks with Visa’s Chief Diversity Officer about the importance of the Atlanta Office.


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