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Phoenix Police Officer Laments Cut by Current Chiefs Head Coach During Time With Eagles

Phoenix Police Sgt Kenny Mitchell recalled his brush with the NFL when then-head coach Andy Reid cut him from the Philadelphia Eagles, but not without getting one last morning practice out of the football hopeful.“I’m headed to lunch after the first practice of the day, and they’re like ‘Hey, can you go grab your playbook [and meet with Reid],’” Mitchell explained in a video posted by the Phoenix Police Department on February 8.The sergeant explained that the team had already booked his flight home when he was cut, but not before “they get one good practice out of you in the morning,” and cut players from the roster before the afternoon.“Yeah, I got cut at lunch. It’s one of those where I was more pissed on the airplane, on the ride back home, because I didn’t get a chance to get a ham sandwich,” Mitchell joked.Reid, who headed the Eagles coaching staff from 1999 to 2012, is now the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. The two teams will face off in Phoenix for Super Bowl LVII, on February 12. Credit: Phoenix Police Department via Storyful