Son's Explosive Response to Father's Cryptocurrency Advice for Brother – Did He Overstep His Boundaries

A man recently looked for support on Reddit’s AITA after supporting his brother to his Dad.

The OP’s brother invested in cryptocurrency and lost a lot of money. The OP’s father, a financial advisor, found out and scolded the brother for not listening to his advice about investing.

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The OP got upset with the father for not being helpful and screamed at him, leading to a fight and the father and OP not speaking. OP feels guilty for what happened.

Understandably, he would be upset with how his father treated his brother after losing money from his cryptocurrency investment. The way the father spoke to the brother, using language that was not helpful and instead served to make the brother feel worse, was inappropriate.

However, it’s also important to consider how you responded to the situation. ‘Screaming at the father and telling him that he would be excited to remove him from his life when they are no longer financially dependent on him may not have been the most productive way to handle the situation.’

It’s possible that he was trying to defend his brother and stick up for him in the heat of the moment. However, speaking to the father in such a confrontational and aggressive manner will likely only escalate the situation and make it harder for everyone to resolve.

Living with the father after this argument could also be challenging and uncomfortable. But the father likely has the best interests at heart and did not deserve the verbal abuse. “YTA. Your dad was right all along. Your brother ignored him and lost a lot of cash.” And “Seriously. His dad is a Financial Advisor.” So the dad probably had some pretty decent advice! 

Moving forward, it might be helpful for the author to reflect on why he reacted the way he did and try to understand the father’s perspective as well. While his response to the brother’s situation was not helpful or supportive, it’s possible that he was coming from a place of concern and wanted to prevent the brother from making the same mistake.

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The author needs to think and learn to be more respectful. For example, one Redditor comments, “Hopefully, dad replies, ‘Ok, you don’t need my money anymore.’ and cuts them off.” As the author is still financially dependent on the dad. 

As for the question of whether he is the a**hole in this situation, it’s a subjective matter. It depends on one’s personal opinions and beliefs. For example, some argue that he was justified in standing up for his brother. In contrast, others might see the behavior as disrespectful to the father.

Regardless of who is at fault, it might be beneficial for the author and the father to have a calm and honest conversation about what happened and how they can both work towards resolving the situation and repairing the relationship. 

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that even in the most difficult of situations, it’s possible to approach things with empathy, understanding, and a desire to find a resolution. By focusing on these values, they can hopefully come to a place where everyone can feel heard and respected, and the relationship with the father can be strengthened.


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