Stocks sufficient, no shortage of essential commodities in Ramadan

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The country would not face any shortage of essential commodities in the coming fasting month of Ramadan as the timely measures of the government have helped increase the imports of consumer goods significantly stabilizing the market with sufficient supply.

Also the adequate imports of commodities have helped wholesalers build sizable stocks ahead of the Ramadan, thanks to the government for easing opening letters of credit (LCs) for essential commodities to keep their prices at a tolerable level during the Ramadan beginning in the last part of March.

Ahead of Ramadan every year, the government takes steps to keep the commodity market stable as prices of some commodities such as oil, sugar, chickpeas, onions and dates go up with a rise in their demand during the fasting month.

“Import of goods declined slightly a few months ago, but it has now bounced back. Ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, essential products against LCs opened recently have started coming to the market,” said a wholesaler of the country’s largest Khatunganj market.

Talking to BSS, several wholesales of Khatunganj said prices of some essential products have decreased due to higher imports. In the last one week, the price of palm oil has decreased by Tk 40 per maund and now it is being sold at Tk 4, 660 while the price of soybean oil has decreased by Tk 30 per maund to Tk 6, 360.

Indian onion is selling at Tk 28 per kg down by Tk 6, Chinese garlic is selling at Tk 150 per kg down by Tk 10 per kg while Chinese ginger is selling at Tk 220 per kg lower by Tk 10 per kg.

The price of lentil has reduced by Tk 2 per kg and is now being sold at Tk 90, Australian chickpeas are now selling at Tk 72 per kg, down by Tk 4 and Indian chickpeas are selling at Tk 80 per kg, down by Tk 5.

The price of peas has declined by Tk 3 per kg and is being sold at Tk 61, cardamom is now being sold at Tk 1,400 per kg down by Tk 20, price of clove has reduced by Tk 25 to Tk 1,340 per kg, cumin has reduced by Tk 30 per kg and is being sold at Tk 570.

However, the international sugar market is on the upswing, he said, adding that so, sugar may cause some discomfort but if the government reduces the duty, the price of sugar will remain normal.