The three hottest presale right now to invest in: Why Dogetti, Fightout and Metropoly are the Best Crypto projects of 2023

NEW DELHI [India], Feb 22: Many investors see crypto presales as truly beneficial and recently. But, with more options comes more decision fatigue, especially when you are a beginner or don’t have funds to spare. But not to worry, in this article we are picking the top 3 pre-sales that we believe you should invest in.

No Financial Regretti With Dogetti For all our dog-lovers or even just animal lovers in general, this is a really good choice. Dogetti (DETI) is a new dog based meme coin whose aim is to create passive income for its holders. The coin’s mascot is a cartoon Shiba Inu dog named Don Eloni to be aligned with the theme of the coin; mafia. With a 6 per cent transaction tax, the coin aims to give back to the community by allocating 2 per cent to community-selected charity organisations, 2 per cent to burn wallets and liquidity, and the remaining 2 per cent to token holders themselves. The best part about this coin is the NFTs.

It will introduce dog based NFTs which will be the holders’ pets which can be owned, grown, bred and sold or traded for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat money. This not just makes the currency a fun coin but also a useful one as many meme coins tend to only cater to the holder’s aesthetic needs without having any utilities or benefits.

Dogetti (DETI) main focus is its community which is called “The Family” and if you want to be a part of it, enjoy the code WISEGUY25 to receive a 25 per cent bonus. As the coin has a liquidity pool system on the Ethereum network where it’s based, DogettiSwap, the coin’s exchange can be used to lock the coins in a smart contract.

Knives Out, Fight Out

The next best choice is FightOut (FIGHT), which has investors being highly bullish. The currency will use the M2E (move-to-earn) technology a lot further than it previously has and it also plans to launch gyms integrated within Web3 in various locations across the world. FightOut’s (FIGHT) algorithm will employ a variety of crucial data points, such as tracking movement and effort, as well as sleep and diet, to construct a profile of a user’s fitness and then give customised training regimens, in contrast to most past M2E efforts, which mostly just focus on steps.

The coin also plans on introducing some elite boxers and pro wrestlers to serve as ambassadors, not just to represent it but additionally providing consumers with content such as masterclasses. With a maximum supply of 10 billion FIGHT, only 9 per cent of which will be used for the presale, FightOut offers strong tokenomics, similar to other fitness cryptocurrency presales. The bonus pool will receive an additional 4.5 per cent, while 10 per cent will go towards liquidity for swapping.

The remaining coins, which will be vested and unlocked over a five-year period, will finance the project’s growth and development. The best thing about the coin is that it has been developed by people in the fitness industry who understand the problems they need to solve.

Metropoly (METRO) Making NFT Real World Functional

Last but not least, we have Metropoly who have an innovative idea to change how we view and buy real estate. By connecting NFTs to real estate assets, the future cryptocurrency project Metropoly gives NFTs real-world uses. Using this concept, developers hope to remove any barriers to participation in the booming real estate market, such as documentation requirements and excessively stringent laws.

The Metropoly (METRO) project includes an NFT exchange where consumers could purchase a portion of the Real Estate NFTs (REN) as well as earn benefits like passive income in the process. Being the first decentralised real estate marketplace, the project claims to give users fractional ownership of properties all around the world without the hassle that comes with it which holds back many investors.

By tying NFTs to assets that generate money, Metropoly is giving it concrete form. The Metropoly Trust, a group of extremely skilled realtors, hand-picks each property. Following the tokenization of the properties, a decentralised market will be used to sell the NFTs associated with those properties.





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