WATCH: Questions arise after Colorado church makes multi-million dollar investments around the country

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A lawsuit brought by Church For All Nations against the COS Owners Association, a hangar group, and local contractor Hoag Construction has raised questions on the church’s multi-million dollar purchases that include aircraft and property around the country.

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Church For All Nations congregants during a worship service.

This week in the 11 Breaking News Center, Digital Anchor Carel Lajara sat down with Sixty35 Media reporter Pam Zubeck to talk about her latest article, WING AND A PRAYER: Local church files suit over hangar project after spending $400,000 and being left empty-handed.

Zubeck’s article is part of a three-part series which also details the church’s influence in public life, as well as the several properties purchased by senior pastor Mark Cowart and his wife, Linda.

Below are links to the second and third articles in the series:

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