3 Stocks Giving Dividends Next Week!

As the earnings season is going on, the time for handing out dividends to shareholders out of the profits made by companies is also here. As many companies have already disclosed their Q3 FY23 profit figures, some of them are distributing dividends in the next week. Here’s a list of 3 such companies to keep a tab on. 

Angel One Limited

Angel One Ltd (NS:ANGO) is a well-known stock broker in India, having a market capitalization of INR 10,631 crores. The company reported a 1.84% QoQ Jump in revenue to INR 759.66 cores, while net income jumped 6.76% to INR 227.99 crores in Q3 FY23. The company was able to improve its profit margins to 30.01%, the highest in the last 10 quarters, at least.

As the EPS grew to INR 27.35, from INR 25.63 in the preceding quarter, the company declared a dividend of INR 9.6 per share, up INR 0.6 per share from the previous payout of INR 9 per share. The stock is trading at a dividend yield of 2.11% and the upcoming ex-dividend date is 24 January 2023. 

Persistent Systems Limited

IT midcap – Persistent Systems Ltd (NS:PERS), having a market capitalization of INR 31,805 crores posted a 7.07% QOQ jump in revenue to INR 2,202.13 crores in Q3 FY23, translating into a net income jump of 8.16% to INR 237.96 crores. Currently, the company trades at a dividend yield of 0.74% and the stock has remained flat over the last one year. 

The company has announced an interim dividend of INR 28 per share, the ex-dividend date of which is 25 January 2023. This is the first interim dividend of FY23 and the company shelled out a total of INR 31 per share in dividends in the previous fiscal year. 

Hindustan Zinc Limited

The last one on the list is a mining giant – Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (NS:HZNC), having a market capitalization of INR 1,59,526 crores, making it the 34th largest listed company on the NSE. Despite a 5.62% QoQ decline in revenue and consequent drop of 19.55% in net income to INR 2,156 crores, the company did not refrain from declaring a hefty dividend of INR 13 per share, the ex-dividend date of which is 27 January 2023.

This payout is roughly about 3.68% of the last closing price of INR 353. As per the FY22 DPS (dividend per share), the company is trading at a lucrative dividend yield of 4.77%. The best part about this counter is, the average payout ratio for the last three fiscal years is 0.98, meaning the company has been distributing 98% of its profits to shareholders via dividends. Vedanta (NS:VDAN) is also a big beneficiary of dividends by Hindustan Zinc.