After Big Tech Firms, US Media Witnesses Massive Job Layoffs Amid Downfall In The Economy

Vox Media, the publisher of popular news websites such as Vox and The Verge, has announced that it will lay off 7 percent of its workforce, resulting in the loss of 130 jobs. This decision was made due to the challenging economic environment and financial pressures that the media and tech industries are currently facing, as stated by CEO Jim Bankoff. The layoffs will have an impact on multiple teams within the company, including editorial, as per a report from CNN news.

This news comes as a number of other media outlets, such as CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, Gannett, and The Washington Post, have also announced layoffs. The reason for these layoffs is primarily due to the economic downturn caused by the ongoing decision of the US Federal reserve to hike interest rates, which has ended an era of “easy money”. In addition to media organizations, big tech companies such as Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft have also announced layoffs in recent weeks. Entertainment giants such as Warner Bros, Discovery, and Paramount Global have also trimmed their workforces.

Layoffs come at a time when inflation is quite high 

The impact of these layoffs goes beyond the individuals who lose their jobs, as it also affects their families and communities. The union representing Vox Media employees has expressed their disappointment and anger over the announcement, stating that they are currently discussing how best to support those affected by the layoffs. The decision also comes at a time when inflation is quite high in the US, although in recent weeks it has tempered a bit. The media and tech industry, like many others, is struggling to adapt to the new normal caused by interest rate hikes.

It is not just media and tech companies that are feeling the pressure, as businesses across all industries in the US are struggling to survive in the current economic climate. The bigger challenge for the media industry is that the US has witnessed a shift towars digital media consumption, which has led to a decline in print and television advertising revenue. Big names like CNN and Fox have attempted to adapt to this change by launching their own streaming platforms.