Amount of proposed investments halves

The value of investment proposals in the October-December period of 2022 decreased by 49.65 per cent or Tk 32,201.35 crore compared with that in the same period of 2021, according to Bangladesh Investment Development Authority data.

The year-on-year value of foreign investment proposals fell by 27.21 per cent and the value of local investment proposals fell by 51.52 per cent in the period, it said.

In the three months, BIDA received proposals for investing a total of Tk 32,654.65 crore for 303 local and foreign companies.

The proposed amount was Tk 64,856 crore for 380 local and foreign industrial units in the October-December quarter of 2021.

The BIDA data showed that the proposals for foreign investments in October-December of 2022 declined to Tk 3,646 crore from Tk 5,009 crore in the same period of 2021.

It received proposals from 268 local companies for investing Tk 29,008.59 crore in the October-December quarter in 2022, which was Tk 59,847 crore from 352 companies for the same period of previous year.

According to BIDA, the highest number of foreign investment proposals came for service sector.

Besides, investment proposals from industrial, agriculture, food and allied and chemical sectors were also remarkable.

BIDA said that the investment proposals from local and foreign companies would create a total of 1,15,037 jobs in the newly 303 registered industrial units.

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