Canadians prefer seg funds over mutual funds, survey finds

High levels of satisfaction are reported with both investment products. When it comes to “protection against risk” and “reliable income in retirement,” segregated funds outperform mutual funds in terms of satisfaction.

The satisfaction levels with the two products’ fees are high, with segregated funds having somewhat greater levels of satisfaction. In comparison to mutual funds, 82% of investors in segregated funds are happy that the “fees are comparable to other investments” with a 9-point increase.

In comparison to 78% for mutual funds, 85% of buyers who are offered segregated funds are happy with being “provided clear and transparent information.”

When it comes to segregated funds, 88% of those with experience say they are “sold in an ethical and responsible way.”

Segregated funds get greater satisfaction ratings on a number of factors when compared to findings among those who have utilized mutual funds. The vast majority of investors believe that they were treated fairly, in a transparent manner, and with costs that were equivalent to those of alternative investing options.