Economy is exhausted, SAns can't afford blackouts for two years – Cosatu

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CAPE TOWN – Trade union federation Cosatu said that the country’s economy is “exhausted” adding that consumers can’t afford two years of permanent blackouts.

The labour federation said the plan by Eskom for continuous load shedding for two years will be an “unmitigated calamity”.

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Cosatu was responding to the announcement by Eskom management that it plans to implement load shedding indefinitely for two years.

Labour federation Cosatu said the two-year load-shedding plan was something workers, businesses and the “battered” economy can’t afford.

Cosatu added that the country’s economy is still struggling to emerge from the deepest recession in living memory, a devastating global pandemic, the 2021 July unrest and the last April’s devastating floods.

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Cosatu also endorses President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for this 18.65% tariff hike to be suspended.

The labour federation said the power utility and municipalities need to listen and comply with the president’s request.

Opposition political parties have also rejected Eskom’s permanent load shedding plan with some calling it an admission of failure by the government.